Mobile Apps for Churches

How to Get People to Use Your Church Mobile App

Church Mobile AppYour church just launched—or re-launched—its mobile app, but no one seems to be taking advantage of this new tool. Maybe your church community isn’t quite as tech-savvy as you thought they were. Or maybe you’re just having a difficult time getting everyone on board to actually use it. So how do you make sure your church community utilizes this new technology at their fingertips?

1. Explain why they should use it

Don’t just tell people that they should use your new mobile app. Tell them why they should use it. Let them know that it will make event registration or giving much faster and easier for them—and for the staff and volunteers who manage these processes. Explain that it is uniquely available to them anytime, anywhere. If they’re on vacation a thousand miles away, they can catch up on the sermon they missed through your mobile media center. Tell them that it includes some tools like mobile check-in that are only available through your app. And let them know that it will make staying connected with their church family easier with a mobile church directory.

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Easter Church

8 Ways to Prepare for Easter with Mobile Technology

In a 2012 poll by LifeWay Research, 93 percent of pastors reported that Easter topped the list of holidays with the highest church attendance.

Each spring churches see Chreasters pile into these services, but they still struggle to prepare and communicate effectively. Your church can gear up for the busiest Sunday of the year by making wise use of mobile technology in 8 ways:

  1. Don’t make people pinch or scroll.

Google searches for “church” peak each year around Easter, and 56 percent of millennials will scope out churches online before visiting. Most of them will do their research via smartphone. What are they going to find when they get to your website? If your church website isn’t responsive, mobile visitors won’t be able to easily find the information they need and probably won’t visit your church.

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8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Church Mobile App

It shouldn’t just be a mobile version of your church website. While your website will primarily provide information to potential visitors, a mobile app should offer more engaging content and tools for your church community.

And mobile apps aren’t for every church. If you see more checkbooks than iPhones being used each Sunday, a mobile app probably won’t serve your church well. But if your church community is quick to adopt new technology, a mobile app could be the perfect tool. And here’s how to make sure you’re getting the most out of it:

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Why the Moms in Your Church Need Mobile Check-in


Your church has got a great check-in system: a couple kiosks, label printers, barcode scanners. But what about mobile check-in? For the sake of the moms in your church, you might want to take advantage of this convenient feature.

Just imagine a mom from your church hauling her six little ones to church Sunday morning—alone. It’s six on one. Even with well-behaved kids, those are terrible odds.

After a series of spills and tantrums, she packs the kids into her minivan and takes off for church.

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Getting the Most out of Sermons with SparkNotes App


Have you ever panicked just before it’s time to get together with your small group to discuss the current sermon series?  You went to church, you tried your best to stay awake, but you just couldn’t keep up with all the twists and turns of the message.

Anyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to make sense of a disjointed sermon that rambles from the Old Testament to current events to the Middle Ages to the Oscars will appreciate what I am talking about.  Especially those who stayed up late Saturday night to watch the Midwest Regional of the NCAA tournament (was that painful or what?).  Thankfully, Elexio has provided a great solution: the Sermon SparkNotes Mobile App.

erfect for anyone who needs a little help deciphering the latest sermon – and who hasn’t needed a little help from time to time – Elexio’s Sermon SparkNotes App records the sermon and breaks it down into talking points you can remember.

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