Online Giving

How Guest Giving Tools Can Help Your Church

Guest GivingEven if your church is utilizing technology to provide multiple options for people to give, you could still be missing out if you require everyone to create an account before making any contributions.

Guests and newcomers to your church

Most churches tell visitors not to feel obligated to give—that it’s the responsibility of the members to provide financially for the church. But what about those people that want to show their gratitude for the church’s hospitality or an influential Sunday morning? Maybe they’re simply passing through town or they’re not quite ready to commit to being a part of your church, but they’d like to keep up with their regular giving to a local church.

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Why & How to Increase Church Giving with Text to Give

According to Pew Research, 81 percent of American adults use cell phones to send or receive text messages. And it’s not just for chatting with friends. One in ten has already made a charitable contribution via text message. In fact, a recent study found that the majority of people named texting as their preferred method of giving.

Your church can take advantage of the shift toward mobile technology and texting—not just for mass communication, but also to provide another giving option for your church.

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How Technology Can Increase Church Giving

It used to be as simple as passing the offering plate down the pew, and the church would exceed its budget twofold. But many factors—an uncertain economy, fluctuating attendance, and growing obsoleteness of checkbooks—have made giving a challenge for both members and the church.


Although contributions may take a dip, people still expect premium coffee in the foyer, and staff still need to be paid. This can lead to a difficult balance of covering costs without being perceived as a financially-driven church.

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5 Ways Churches Can Increase Online Giving with Contribution Reports


Tax season is here.  By now most churches have sent contribution statements, either by email or U.S. mail, or have made the statements available online to registered users of their online giving system.  Unfortunately, these statements are simply viewed too often as an accounting tool and not as an opportunity to encourage faithful and consistent giving by connecting with church members.

How can churches use contribution statements to increase online giving?  First, let’s take a look at the advantages of online giving, both for members and for churches.

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