Church software rep calls on Peter, the apostle

081What would it look like if today’s church management providers engaged with a biblical apostle regarding discipleship tracking?

[Probably nothing like this]

circa A.D. 33. Somewhere in Jerusalem.

Rep: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Honor. I mean, Your Apostleship. Simon, Peter sir. I’m sorry; what should I call you?

Peter: Peter is fine. Though Jesus did call me Rock that one time.

Rep: Well, whatever Simon says! Get it? Simon . . .

Peter: Huh. Never heard that one before.

Rep: *cough* . . . Well, lucky for you, our software lets you store any number of names and nicknames. I understand there’s another Simon among The Epistles.

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Focused on discipleship training? Here’s some must-have tools


We’re all on a journey, whether we’re actively pursuing a goal or just going along for the ride.

As believers, we’re called to be active on our journey. Peter tells us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Your church members have assessed their lives, and they’ve decided to be intentional about their spiritual development. They have resolved to make this The Year. And your church is their place of worship and growth. What is your church doing to help your members live out their resolve to grow spiritually this year?

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