Our check imagers can reduce your data entry time for contributions by as much as 50% every week! 

When you insert checks into the scanner, Amp Fusion will attempt to automatically find the donor associated with the account number on the check. If a match is found, it will bring up the contributor's name on screen and automatically insert the amount of their last gift.  All you have to do is verify the amount given and press enter! If no match was found then, just select who to associate with the scanned checking account.  The more accounts you link, the faster data entry will be every week after.

Scanning the check and retrieving a match from the database only takes a second or two. This is the fastest and most accurate way to enter contributions. Account numbers are encrypted for ultimate security. The scanner also makes a photo copy of the check and stores it in the database! So if there is ever any question about a check you'll be able to produce a copy of the actual check!

We sell the MagTek ImageSafe check imager. This is the only check imager that we sell and support. The price of the scanner is $400 (free shipping!) plus a one-time $300 support/maintenance fee. If you already have this scanner, you still need to pay the $300 support fee because imagers can dramatically increase database size and use more bandwidth.

This scanner only works with the PC version of Amp Fusion.  It can work with a Mac if you use Bootcamp, VMware or Parallels.

Contact Elexio to order now.