Prevent Pastor Burnout With The E-Reverend App


Did you know that 1,500 pastors leave the ministry each year, and 80% will burn out within their first five years?

To counteract the intense workload and emotional stress, some try to strike a healthy balance between their work and personal lives while others delegate more tasks to staff or volunteers.

But what if churches could completely eliminate the overwhelming burden placed on pastors—or even the need for a pastor at all?

The Elexio Reverend App is the long-awaited answer to ministry burnout.

Whether you’re too busy to prepare for Sunday’s sermon or you want to avoid another awkward wedding ceremony, the E-Reverend has you covered. And no more chilly dips in the baptismal or answering whether all dogs do, in fact, go to heaven.

With an advanced feature set, the Elexio Reverend App can also:

  • Solve any exegetical disagreement within minutes
  • Calculate how much people should be giving
  • Alert you to signs of the end times
  • Fully explain the Trinity in 30 seconds
  • Answer WWJD in any real-life situation
  • Locate local Christian businesses so you can patronize them only
  • Perform less-desirable tasks like hospital visitations and counseling

With customizable options like traditional suit and tie, clergy, or hipster persona, the E-Reverend is designed to fit your church’s unique needs.

Whether you’re a multi-site megachurch or a new church plant, the Elexio Reverend App is an affordable alternative to a burnt out pastor.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to get started with the E-Reverend and take some of the ministry workload off your shoulders.

You’ll wonder why your church ever hired a real pastor.