Getting The Most Out Of Sermons With SparkNotes App


Have you ever panicked just before it’s time to get together with your small group to discuss the current sermon series?  You went to church, you tried your best to stay awake, but you just couldn’t keep up with all the twists and turns of the message.

Anyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to make sense of a disjointed sermon that rambles from the Old Testament to current events to the Middle Ages to the Oscars will appreciate what I am talking about.  Especially those who stayed up late Saturday night to watch the Midwest Regional of the NCAA tournament (was that painful or what?).  Thankfully, Elexio has provided a great solution: the Sermon SparkNotes Mobile App.

Perfect for anyone who needs a little help deciphering the latest sermon – and who hasn’t needed a little help from time to time – Elexio’s Sermon SparkNotes App records the sermon and breaks it down into talking points you can remember.

Points like:

  • The topic – Let’s face it, sometimes even that is hard to figure out.
  • Who Said What.
  • Biblical References (who can keep up?).
  • “The Top 5/7/10/20 Things God Wants You to Do” after hearing the message.
  • The pastor’s favorite sports team.

You are probably asking yourself, can an app really do this? Yes, it can!

As someone who participated in the Beta trial, I was able to secretly test out the app for 3 weeks.  The results were impressive.  My small group had no idea I was cheating, er, getting help.

Please tell us how you kept up with the message this week!” they begged. “I couldn’t figure out WHAT he was talking about – how did you?” “Pastor Paul said there were ‘5 Things God Wants You to Remember’ but I only counted 3.”

Results, however, were slightly suspect at times.  I have to say, the App seemed to overreach a bit and came up with a few study guide extras that made my group a little suspicious.

I don’t get how Pastor Paul’s reference to his favorite flavor of ice cream was a metaphor for Moses’ mad dash to Midian,” said my group leader Mark.  And, “How did you come up with a list of 20 literary devices found in this week’s message?”

Look, the App isn’t perfect but it sure beats showing up at small group meetings unprepared.  The App is also a great crutch for people who’ve always wanted to lead a small group but let their fear of not “getting” the sermon hold them back.

Some of my favorite features of the App include:

  • Full translation of the sermon into Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek (for the over achievers among us).
  • Optimized Offerings – let the pastor know you appreciated the shorter sermon this week with a little extra giving via the in-app contributions feature.
  • Optional homework completion – this is a paid feature but SO worth it.  Never show up to your small group meeting again without your homework done.
  • Lists of the pastor’s favorite Bible passages, authors, historical events, sports teams, etc.
  • Sample summaries to help you boil down the sermon into 10 words or less.

Interested in impressing your small group with Elexio’s Sermon SparkNotes App? It’s free. Download it now.