Going Beyond To Stop Hunger


Here at Elexio, we obviously love software and technology and striving to make things easier for the church. But what really drives us is our heart for people.

We are blessed to have rewarding careers that not only make an eternal impact, but also provide for us financially so we can live comfortable lives. We don’t have to worry where our next meal will come from—but many people throughout the world do.  041

Did you know that 2.6 million children under the age of five die each year from undernutrition? Or that undernourishment contributes to more deaths than malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined?

Because God has given us so much, we know we need to share His love with others by not only reaching out to them spiritually, but also helping meet their physical needs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Harvest Bible Chapel here in Lancaster County, PA through their Go Beyond campaign—a week dedicated to spontaneous and planned acts of kindness.

We have signs posted throughout the office that serve as constant reminders to be thinking of ways to go out of our way to put others first. And last week we participated in an effort to send thousands of meals for the hungry through Stop Hunger Now—an organization whose mission is to end world hunger.

Our staff volunteered in two groups with others from the community to package over 10,000 meals to be sent across the world in each two hour shift.

The dehydrated meals contain several nutrient-rich ingredients, specifically designed for people who are malnourished and lacking essential vitamins and minerals. Each has a shelf life of two years and costs only 29 cents.

It’s amazing what a few volunteers, a couple hours, and what we’d consider pocket change can do.


Charity isn’t always just about sending a check—what about getting out of your comfort zone and giving your time to the people who need it most?

And you know what? We had a blast doing it!

We’re now faced with the challenge of making this concept of going beyond not just a one-time event, but a lasting change in our attitude and culture. The people who are hungry or sick or impoverished will not all be reached overnight, but with a Christ-like mindset and selfless hard work, we can spark a change.


Let us know—how are you going beyond to make a difference?