Serving Up HOPE One Cup Of Coffee At A Time


Here at Elexio, we spend hours each day coding, designing, and providing support to churches all around the country—and that means a lot of coffee to get us through the long days.

But we leverage this guilty pleasure to help make a difference in the world. We get our caffeine fix from HOPE Coffee.

Launched in 2009 to provide visitors a coveted souvenir of Honduran coffee to take home from short-term mission strips, HOPE Coffee began as a small operation. Mark Fittz, a missionary to Honduras with Camino Global, connected with local coffee farmers to purchase the coffee and Honduran churches to dedicate proceeds to community projects.

As people fell in love with both the mission and flavor of HOPE Coffee, Mark was overwhelmed by the number of requests to send coffee to the United States. In 2010, a U.S.-based branch of HOPE Coffee opened in Dallas to keep up with the demand and increase the community impact.

Small local farmers provide the strictly high grown coffee which is:

  • Fairly traded – the farmers and other workers are paid fair wages
  • Directly traded – the beans are purchased directly from the farmers
  • Community traded – the profits are invested back into Honduran communities through local church outreach programs

Proceeds from HOPE Coffee help Camino Global meet its goal of producing and empowering followers of Jesus Christ by creating income to sustain mission ministries and developing relationships with the Honduran church and surrounding communities.

In 2013 alone, HOPE Coffee was able to provide new homes to two widows, new stoves to 28 families, 10 water systems, and two bathrooms.

But beyond meeting the real physical needs of the Honduran people, HOPE Coffee also uses these projects to share the Gospel and address their spiritual needs.

A woman named Sofia was one of the widows to receive a new home last year. In 1990, Sofia was pregnant with her fourth child when her husband was murdered. In order to care for her family, she woke up at 2 AM each morning to make food to sell on the streets. Then her son Samuel lost his eye in an accident. Sofia had a seven pound tumor removed at only 32 years. Her daughter got cancer. But devastated by loss, illness, and poverty, Sofia’s family consistently received support and encouragement from the church. She learned that God loved her even through these times of trial. HOPE Coffee partnered with the church to show the love of Christ in a tangible way by meeting her physical needs with a new home.

Many others have come to know Christ through these efforts, and they have even bigger plans for the future.

Please consider serving HOPE Coffee at your churchto help reach the people of Honduras. We can all make a small impact by switching our morning brew to HOPE Coffee.

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Image Credits: HOPE Coffee