ELEXIO Giving Co-op

ELEXIO Community ChMS church management software

ELEXIO is proud to offer clients the ability to earn credits to offset the cost of ELEXIO Community with our new Giving Co-op!

It's simple.

For every $5000 in giving each month, you can earn $5 off of your ELEXIO Community monthly subscription fee up to maximum of $100 in credit or 50% off of your monthly fee.

Here is how it works.

You pick a Semiannual or Annual Plan and we monitor giving at your church for a 6-month or a 12-month timeframe and then start your savings.

With a Semiannual plan you can realize your savings faster or delay that savings until the following year with the Annual plan.

If you don't currently use the giving feature of ELEXIO, sign-up here today to start saving!

Please indicate which plan you want to use by completing this form: