Q: Who Is Elexio?

We are a leading provider of database software for ministries around the world, and if you received a text that linked to this page, we probably provide software for the church that sent you the text message. Find out more at

Q: Can I Stop Receiving Mass Text Messages From You (And My Church)?

To opt out of receiving any mass text messages from us (and any church that uses our services), simply reply with the word “STOP” and we will honor your request.

Q: I Use Elexio DATABASE And Would Like Help Using The Text Messaging Service. Where Do I Go For Help?

Check out

Elexio SMS Terms Of Service

In summary, you will receive SMS messages through our software only because a specific ministry that has some connection with you sent the message. For more about a specific message, contact the ministry that sent the message, or ministries with which you have some connection.

For our complete Terms of Service see:
SMS Terms of Service

Elexio SMS Privacy Policy

Elexio is committed to safeguarding the information entrusted to us. Personally identifiable information maintained by a ministry using our database software is never used by Elexio for marketing or other business purposes.

For our complete Privacy Policy see:
SMS Privacy Policy

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