Case Studies

Christ Community Church

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Rochester, MN

Christ Community Church is a congregation of 1,500 in Rochester, Minnesota. They needed a system that provided tools to facilitate discipleship and get people involved as well as a fast, secure check-in process.

Christ Community Church selected the ChMS database, check-in, mobile app, and website CMS from Elexio to meet the needs of their staff and the church community.

They now have a fully integrated system that supports their ministry goals. The online portal and mobile app make it easy to keep people aware of ministry opportunities and for the church community to register for events. The intuitive check-in system provides secure access options and makes the process more consistent and easier for families. With all information automatically updating to the church database, the staff’s workload is minimized and people stay connected.

“We took advantage of the opportunity to have someone from Elexio come to our site to train all of our staff at the same time. This dramatically impacted our learning curve and our staff quickly caught the vision for what we can do with a ChMS product designed with discipleship and assimilation in mind. Having an electronic check-in system connected with the database has allowed us to revamp our registration, check-in, and pick-up process to become more efficient and consistent. The process is easy to learn and much quicker than our old paper check-in system, and much more secure. [Elexio’s system] has become the central hub for ministry information at Christ Community Church.”

-Brandon Ganz, Pastor of Administration at Christ Community Church


Isle of Faith UMC

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Jacksonville, Florida

Isle of Faith United Methodist Church is a church of 300 located in Jacksonville, Florida. They were looking for a CMS that would allow them to keep their website fresh and relevant. The staff was not proficient in HTML, so they also needed a user-friendly solution that would make the transition to responsive seamless.

Isle of Faith chose the Elexio Website CMS and a standard canvas design to update the church’s web presence and become mobile-friendly.

They now have a fully responsive website that the church community loves and anyone on staff can easily update. Adding pages and updating the event calendar is simple and fast. Switching out original photos, adding social links, and dropping in the church logo made the website a true representation of the church. It’s a unique website that can grow and change as they do.

“Each time I have changed the design the transition has been easy and the staff at Elexio has been so helpful. It was almost no work at all. And I truly love the way it is working for our church. I am getting such positive comments from everyone. One of the most frequent comments I get from people who visit our website is that it is so easy to use and always up to date. The content management system is superb. I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend [Elexio’s CMS] to anyone.”

-Judy Shedd, Administrative Secretary at Isle of Faith UMC


Chestnut Mountain Church

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Flowery Branch, GA

Chestnut Mountain Church is a congregation of 600 in Flowery Branch, Georgia. They needed an integrated system that would streamline communication with the church community, simplify giving and event registration, and help the staff quickly get key information when they needed it.

Chestnut Mountain Church chose Elexio to integrate these processes through the ChMS database, website, check-in system, and mobile app.

They now have mobile and online giving options available that automatically update their database, saving time for the staff. Just these new tools bring in over $40,000 a month. The church community can also register and pay for events through the mobile app or online portal, and managing those events from the database is simple for volunteers and staff. They’ve been able to eliminate paper attendance sheets as people check into classes at kiosks and small group leaders track attendance online. This information makes it easy for the staff to know who’s involved and growing. They can then use communication tools through the website CMS and ChMS database to engage the church community and encourage them to use these great tools at their fingertips. Staff and volunteers no longer spend hours each week entering contribution and attendance records, creating bulletins, and managing events.

“Now that we have switched our website to [Elexio], communication and relevant content is always online. We’ve eliminated our weekend bulletin and only have sermon notes now. We communicate through the [check-in] screen savers and website. The communication level at the church is the highest it’s ever been. We have a better handle on who is actively attending than any church I know. A customized app is now being developed for us. I can’t wait to be able to present that to the church. It’s going to take us to another level. Electronic giving is a huge area of help. We have many [online] users that set up recurring giving. All of that merges with [the database] so we don’t have to sit and enter. Huge time saver!”

-Tim Tipton, Pastor of Administration & Facilities at Chestnut Mountain Church


Northview Church

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Carmel, IN

Northview Church is a multisite congregation based in Carmel, Indiana. Their former check-in system was confusing and caused issues even for seasoned attendees. In fact, only a few staff members could use the old system effectively. They needed an intuitive system that would be easy to use for everyone, including visitors.

Northview Church made the switch to Elexio’s Check-in system—along with the ChMS database—to provide a more user-friendly experience for their church community. They also invested in onsite training to get their entire staff on board with the new process.

The church now has a system in use at all campuses that not only expedites the check-in process but also encourages name recognition and fellowship with printed nametags. It keeps kids safe, simplifies attendance tracking, and leaves a lasting positive impression on guests.

“We are really excited about the ease of check-in now. We have beautiful, permanent touch screen stations in the lobby and atrium. [Elexio] offers superior customer service to their customers [which is] what we really love most about them and what really sets them apart from all the other companies out there.”

-Melissa Sanders, Elexio Coordinator at Northview Church


Community Fellowship Church

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Lancaster, PA

Community Fellowship Church is an established church of 600 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They were looking for an easier way for their church community to give when it was convenient for them.

Community Fellowship Church stopped passing around the offering plate each week in favor of integrated online and mobile giving options through Elexio.

They now receive an average of 64% of their giving online, and some weeks it’s as high as 85%. Even during the transition, the church never saw a drop in contributions. While giving typically decreases in the summer for churches, their giving actually increased from the spring—and it continues to grow. The church community has simple, convenient options for making contributions to the church, and the staff has a reduced workload. These tools continue to be successful because church leadership stays up-to-date with the technology and regularly communicates with the church community about these giving options.

“Our giving has continued to grow as the church has, but the online giving has stabilized our week to week giving. We got people on board with these giving options simply by getting the word out and talking about it. We recognized that if we weren’t behind this, then adoption would be lack-luster. As a result, donors have responded and embraced these new tools, giving more consistently and sacrificially.”

-David Dixon, Administrative Pastor at Community Fellowship Church