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ELEXIO has been known and respected for our completely integrated suite of church management solutions. We’ve developed Partner Plus to meet the primary areas of your ministry including: Membership, Check-in, Website, Giving, Financials, as well as credits for Background Checks and SMS Texting services.

Your ministry is unique. Partner Plus scales flexibly to who you are. Partner with ELEXIO to experience an enhanced support and customer success plan specifically tailored to your ministry goals.

With packages starting at $159/month, this is the comprehensive product mix you’ve been waiting for.

What are the key benefits of Partner Plus?

Community + Giving + Accounting

Community + Giving + Financials

Like PB&J, your membership management and contribution management are inseparable. Your giving should be in your constituent's app, just like your contributions should be recorded and reported in your database. And, in turn, those batched donations get pushed to your financial management system. One happy solution with many parts.

Website + Community + Communications

Ministry is made up of events and opportunities. You construct your events, broadcast your events, and then track your events. It requires SMS communication, website calendars, and other services to ensure your message reaches their "ears". This connectivity exists within this collection of solutions.

Website + Community + Communications
Community + Background Checks

Community + Background Checks

With volunteers at the heart of any healthy ministry, there are critical tools needed to ensure a successful volunteer experience. The first is ensuring a safe and secure interaction for all your guests, using relevant and integrated background processing solutions, all from within your Church Management system. The second is the tracking and communication tools built into Community to identify and connect with volunteer candidates.

Community + Giving + Mobile

Power to the People! Put communication, generosity, and real-time information in the hands of your constituents with the integration between Community's mobile app, Giving, and text-to-member features.

Community + Giving + Mobile

We love our church partners, and they love us

We value relationships, not just vendor-client transactions. It's been the soul of our company and it's always improving.
We're taking that to the next level with three tiers of Support and Training offerings that range from our standard
excellent connections all the way to one-to-one training forums. Specifically offered for our ELEXIO Partner Plus clients,
ask your Solution Consultant which package may be best for you.

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