Church Accounting & Financials

Your Guide to Preparing for Summer at Church

038Once the school year is officially over, you can breathe a sigh of relief! You get a summer break from ministries like youth group and kid’s club to rejuvenate and get some rest. But as many activities wind down and people head for vacation, are you prepared for this special time of year? Tie up any of these loose ends so you can get out and enjoy some of that sunshine:


Most church activities couldn’t even get off the ground if it weren’t for dedicated volunteers who are willing to sacrifice hours each week to guarantee a smooth rollout. From Sunday school teachers to worship leaders, every volunteer will appreciate an end-of-school-year thank you, and the encouragement will make them more likely to serve again. A letter. An email. Something to show their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

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How Technology Can Increase Church Giving

It used to be as simple as passing the offering plate down the pew, and the church would exceed its budget twofold. But many factors—an uncertain economy, fluctuating attendance, and growing obsoleteness of checkbooks—have made giving a challenge for both members and the church.


Although contributions may take a dip, people still expect premium coffee in the foyer, and staff still need to be paid. This can lead to a difficult balance of covering costs without being perceived as a financially-driven church.

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