Church Management Software

Church Management Software

Stay connected with your staff and congregation.

Who Benefits from Community ChMS?

Too many technologies can unnecessarily complicate not just your Sundays, but your entire week. An integrated product mix can take the labor out of your work. See how Elexio’s Community ChMS can benefit your staff and your congregation — ensuring members, new and old, don’t fall through the cracks.


How Elexio ChMS Helps Your Church

People Management

A smart church management system works from any device, anywhere, and at any time. Elexio Community is more than just a member database; it’s an intuitive ChMS designed with churches in mind.


Church Communication

Using separate platforms for voice, text, and email communications is so yesterday. Elexio Community lets you do it all from one place.


Reporting and Dashboards

Harness the power of Elexio to create smart reports to track attendance and contribution trends and prevent members from slipping through the cracks. It’s incredibly easy to become a data master.


Smart Check-In

Families can check in faster than ever with smart check-in. The platform learns patterns based on the day and recent history to pre-populate pages.



Improve coordination between ministries and manage all church reservations — from facilities and equipment rentals to requesting specific room setups — in one calendar.


Group Management

With Community ChMS, create an unlimited amount of groups to send messages, track specific attendance metrics, and more.



With our “set-it-and-forget-it” workflow system, you can relax and let smart automation keep people from slipping through the cracks.



Assign tasks to anyone at your church (staff or volunteers) and they’ll be notified; no login to the system is required.


Mobile Management

You’re not always at your desk and your ChMS shouldn’t be either. Add and edit member profiles and groups, record attendance, send messages, sync contacts, and more — all on the go.



Treat your treasurer. Elexio Community makes tracking giving easy by directly connecting with Elexio Online Giving.


Forms and Event Management

Elexio makes custom form-building and event management almost effortless. Craft custom registration pages, share them on social media, or embed them directly into your website.


Church Health Dashboards

Elexio Community’s unique dashboard gives each administrator helpful insights into the day-to-day well being of the church. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered.


Volunteer Scheduling

Our smart approach takes the stress out of volunteer scheduling and allows you to send follow up reminders to those who enlist.


Smart Solutions at Smart Prices

See how our prices and features compare with the competition.

Ongoing and Superior Support

Train and troubleshoot Elexio software at any time and feel supported in your mission to serve God and grow your community of Christ-followers.

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Connect with Other Elexio Products

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