Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer Scheduling


Volunteer Scheduling Features

Streamline Volunteering

We all know that recruiting volunteers can sometimes be difficult. Have you ever had someone commit to volunteer and then forget to show up? If you don’t have a streamlined and straightforward process in place for scheduling volunteers, it can happen. Elexio Community takes the stress out of volunteer scheduling and allows you to send follow up reminders to those who enlist. Plus, if something comes up, they can reply and inform you quickly so you can find a replacement.

Optimize Requests

Only need four people to man the parking lot tonight? Easy fix! Send an email out to your qualified volunteers to see if they can lend their time. Plus, you can put limits on the number of applicants you accept to save time and get the most out of each volunteer.

Find the right solution for your
church’s size and needs. 


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