Online Giving

Online Giving: Elexio Giving

Increase donations with digital giving options and detailed reporting insights.

All contributions, gifts, and donations are viewable from one system and can be managed in real-time, reducing administrative burden. Trust us, we’ve worked with enough churches to know that your ChMS and online giving should be integrated.


A Giving Platform that Gives You More

Online Giving

Create embeddable forms for your church website to support donations to multiple funds and full control of accepted payment methods (specific credit or debit cards, ACH). Donors can give one-time or set up an account to manage a recurring gift.

Text Giving

Inspire and enable spontaneous generosity by allowing donors to give right from their phones via text to a simple 10-digit number. Text giving meets donors right where they are and it’s included with each pricing plan.

Kiosk Giving

Giving on-site in a cash-free way is a must to protect your donors. With kiosks, church attenders can donate and register for events from any easy-to-use kiosk touch screen. Kiosk stations can be easily moved for special events.

In-Depth Reporting

Pull charitable giving reports for your church to see trends, including who is donating, how much, where, and when.

Partner Resources

Elexio has a vast library of resources that can help you plan effective giving campaigns, special events, holidays, and more.


Small Church


per month

2.6% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift

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All features included

$10 monthly minimum. If you process less than $10 in monthly processing fees (which is roughly $300 in gifts based on 3% debit/credit or %1 ACH), you will be subject to the $10 monthly minimum. If you process more than $10 in fees, you will just pay normal processing fees, nothing more.

Large Church


per month

2.09% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift

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All features included

On the $69/month plan, some cards are more expensive to process. In the event an accepted card costs more to process than your plan’s transaction fee, the processing fee for that transaction may be slightly higher. Our system’s historical data tells us that you can expect 10% to 30% of your donations to come from these types of cards, if you choose to accept them.

Tiered rates will apply.

Prices are subject to change.

For $19/month, you’ll be able to process as many donations as you need. Rates are competitive and customized based on your Elexio services and giving volume. Receive a custom quote based on your church’s specific needs.
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In just three months, half of our donors now give online! Moreover, I’ve saved hours of administrative time since our Giving and Church Management fully integrate.
– Faith F., Nashville Christian Church

Upgrade the church app to a Custom Branded App

Take the full-featured version of MinistryOne to the next level by upgrading to a custom branded church app. Add your church’s logo, splash screen, and more to broaden your reach and increase brand awareness.

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