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Online Giving: Elexio Giving

Increase donations with digital giving options and detailed reporting insights.

Online giving isn’t a tool just for the younger members of your congregation. Inspire donations and receive payment with three digital options, all managed by the Elexio Giving platform that integrates with Community ChMS and Shelby Financials for in-depth reporting and an organized ministry dedicated to building the Kingdom.


A Giving Platform that Gives You More

Online Giving

For your church website, create embeddable forms for each fund or event you want to finance. From the backend, you can even control what methods of payment you accept (credit or debit cards, ACH, etc.). Donors can even set up recurring giving.

Text Giving

Inspire and enable spontaneous generosity by allowing visitors and members to make donations right from their phone. Share your 10-digit number with members and visitors and receive contributions in seconds. Text giving is included with each pricing plan.

Kiosk Giving

Some people still like to give on-site at church. With kiosks, members and visitors can register for events or donate from any kiosk location at your church. Kiosk stations can be easily moved for special events.

In-Depth Reporting

Pull charitable giving reports for your church to see trends, including who is donating, how much, where, and when.

Partner Resources

Take advantage of partner resources that can help you plan effective giving campaigns around special events, holidays, and more.


Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3





CC %



2.09% Tier *

CC Fee












Security Fee




*AMEX follows the CC rate for all plans

*Some cards are more expensive to process based on issuing bank, card reward plans, etc. Our system’s historical data tells us that you can expect 10% to 30% of your donations to come from these types of cards. Please let us know if you have any additional questions surrounding these rates.

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