Background Checks

Background Checks

Church background checks through Protect My Ministry are designed to help ministries implement and maintain a thorough background screening program for employees, staff, and volunteers. Preventing sexual predators and violent offenders from working with children and youth is their first concern.

Your ministry has the obligation to exercise “due diligence” to protect its members, especially the children. The data provided in the many background check databases searched is not equally maintained and accessed by each state, which makes universal criteria hard to enforce. For this reason, we’ve chosen to partner with the highly credible background screening provider Protect My Ministry.


Background Checks You Can Trust

Free Re-verification

Thousands of ministries trust Protect My Ministry because it’s one of the only background check companies that will do a free “re-verification” of records from the national criminal database for a volunteer, and to also do a “true” 50 state search on sexual offenders.

Multiple Options

The BASIC and PLUS packages are comprehensive criminal background checks that provide a balance between cost and comprehensiveness. Find the solution that best protects your ministry. Reduce and avoid risks with the right solutions to prevent child abuse from occurring on your watch.

Screen Employees and Volunteers

Volunteer and staff screening is Protect My Ministry’s specialty. This includes a thorough national background check service with a national criminal database search, national sex offender check, and SSN identity check, plus a complete re-verification of all criminal hits for guaranteed accuracy on over 2.5 billion national criminal records.

State Specific Recommendations

Database searches can be a valuable research tool, however not all states provide comprehensive criminal records to the national criminal database. Protect My Ministry provides recommendations by state to help you decide whether to add more in-depth county or statewide court searches.

Online Consultation

Choose from cost-friendly background check packages through an intuitive online consultation. Recommendations are based on the quality of data available in each state and industry best practices.

Seamless Integration

Elexio Community ChMS integrates with Protect My Ministry so your ministry can store reports in your centralized database management solution while getting the industry’s best background checks.

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