Forms and Event Management

Forms and Event Management


Forms and Event Management Features

Build Forms Like a Pro

Get ready to finesse your form-building skills, craft custom registration pages, share them on social media, or embed them directly into your website. Elexio makes it almost effortless and there’s no limit to the number of forms you can create. Customize your handiwork with drop-down menus, images, text, payment fields, and more. Collect event payments in a snap. Our smart form builder even lets you limit the number of registrants and offer early-bird discount codes.

Engage with Events

With our event management tool, successful organization and planning is practically a party in itself. Now you have you an accurate count of how many people are coming to your potluck, what they’re bringing, and more. Plus, you can track event attendance and message attendees in real-time with important announcements. Pssst! There’s more cake in the kitchen.

Find the right solution for your
church’s size and needs. 


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