Church Check-In Systems

4 Reasons Your Church Needs Check-in for VBS

Church VBSAccording to a 2013 Barna study, two-thirds of churches in America still host VBS each year—and the percentages are even higher in mid to large-sized churches. With all those kids, parents, and volunteers circulating through your church, your staff needs to be organized and prepared for this summer hubbub. An intuitive check-in system can take some of the stress off your shoulders by providing a few of the most important elements:

1. Safety

With hundreds of kids coming and going each day, a check-in system can ensure safety. Printed nametags that include food allergies and medical information and security receipts for parents will provide a safe environment for your VBS.

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Don’t Return to the Stone Age: Offline Church Check-in

027When you’re accustomed to an intuitive check-in system, scrambling for a pen and paper because the internet’s down can feel like you’re returning to the Stone Age.

After scanning your fingerprint on a touchscreen kiosk, you might as well be clocking out from the Slate Rock and Gravel Company with a slab of stone like Fred Flintstone.

But not all church check-in systems require an active internet connection to function. Some offer both online and offline function so you’re never left stranded.

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Is a Church Check-in System Really Worth the Investment?

Switching to a church check-in system would cost more than the pen and notepad you’re using right now. You also have to account for the hardware to use these programs. So is it really worth the cost from your church budget? What does a check-in system really have to offer?

The kids

Probably the greatest reason for implementing a check-in system at your church is to keep kids safe and accounted for. Even in this typically secure environment, a slight risk always exists. Someone could slip in the back door and try to lure children out of the nursery. Parents in the midst of a custody battle could discreetly pick up children when there’s no system for recognizing authorized guardians. But a poor check-in process—or none at all—should never be an excuse for child abduction. You can’t put a price tag on kids.

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The Cookie Threat: Allergy Awareness in Kid’s Ministry

Whenever I think back to my time in nursery or children’s church, I can’t remember much about the Sunday school teachers or the flannel graph lessons. Call me a heathen, but I remember snack time. Animal crackers or those generic-brand Oreos? I could take them or leave them. What I wanted were the ring butter cookies—they were snacks and accessories. And a couple times a month, every kid got a few of these golden goodies to eat (or wear), no questions asked.

With a sister who suffers from Celiac disease, I wonder what would happen if these gluten-filled treats got into the wrong little hands. Such food intolerances are a serious issue, but allergies could lead to significant medical problems or even death.

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How Well Do You Know Your Church?

040When you’re part of a church plant or new multi-site campus, it’s pretty easy to remember the names of your 25 members, their kids, and how often they’re sitting in their usual spot in the third row on the left.

But as the church starts growing—and hopefully it does—keeping track of all the little details about your congregation becomes much more difficult.

Yet whether your church has 10 members or 10,000, people will expect your staff to be able to recite the names of their entire family and remember each ministry they’re involved with when you run into them at the grocery store.

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