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Staff Turnover and Church Software

Everything finally seems to be running smoothly. Your staff and volunteers are fairly fluent in the church software you adopted a few years ago. Then the church secretary announces her retirement after years of faithful service. She knows your systems and processes better than anyone else. What do you do now? Even after you find her replacement, how do you get back to where you were before?

Church staff turnover is at its highest as everyone from pastors to administrators are experiencing ministry burnout. But even in churches where people and resources aren’t spread too thin, some staff turnover is inevitable. So as you fill positions with new faces, equip the people who join your team to be successful as they tackle your church software.

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5 Tech Tips to Simplify Small Group Management

Nine white chairs in a circleSmall groups are often the glue that keep people in a church community connected—especially in large churches. But managing everything from meeting locations to group attendance can become tedious and time consuming. Try these tips to simplify your small group process by making creative use of technology:

1. Sign-up

Make it easy for people to find the right small group and get signed up. If the process is simple and convenient, more people will get involved.

  • Kiosks

Station kiosks within your church so people can quickly connect with a small group after the Sunday morning service.

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Should You Text Your Church Community?

032As of this January, 90% of American adults own a cell phone, and 81% use their phones to send or receive text messages.

Most people keep those phones within arm’s reach all day—and night. On average, they look at their phones 150 times each day—whether or not a call, message, or alert has come through. In fact, 75% of Americans won’t even make a trip to the restroom without that connection to the world.

While this reliance on technology can be a challenge to overcome when leading a worship service or teaching a room full of teens, churches can take advantage of the texting craze to communicate with their people.

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Should Your Church Data Be in the Cloud?

037Each day we work with people who serve in a variety of roles at churches throughout the United States and beyond. While some are IT staff or other form of techies, many are not familiar with the lingo you hear when dealing with a software company. So they have plenty of questions about church management technology, including the cloud.

We’re not talking cumulonimbus here, but the off-site storage of your information—“in the cloud.” Even though cloud storage has been around for several years and is a great option for churches, many are still reluctant to put their trust in technology they can’t see. But there are a few things you should consider before dismissing this service for your ChMS data.

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Why You Should Integrate Your Church Database and Website

039If you’re utilizing the right ChMS for your church, you already know what a huge time—and headache—saver you’ve got on your hands. A database that allows you to manage everything from contributions to people to events already cuts your work load in half. But did you know that integrating your church database with your website could save you even more time? And did I mention that it’s simple and will help get your church community involved?

Scratch a few items off your to-do list and let your church community do the following online:

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