Outreach & Missions Ministries

Missional Ministry in Action: Go Beyond 2015

Elexio Go Beyond teamA few weeks ago, Elexio participated for the second year in Go Beyond, a week-long missional initiative here in Lancaster County, PA.

Harvest Bible Chapel of Lancaster launched Go Beyond in 2014, extending their typical Sunday of local service to a full week in order to maximize their impact.

This year, they invited the surrounding community to join them in showing God’s love in practical ways. Twenty different churches—including several of our local church partners—participated, as well as 36 area businesses.

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4 Tips for a Successful Mother’s Day at Your Church

Mother's Day at Church Mother’s Day is just around the corner—is your church ready? Beyond the flowers and chocolates and poems and tearjerker videos, you can do plenty to celebrate moms and make the holiday a success.

1. Recognize the outreach opportunity

Behind only Christmas and Easter, Mother’s Day brings the third highest church attendance each year. People who haven’t been to church for a couple months or several years are looking for a place to visit this weekend. Take advantage of this special opportunity and invite your local community to celebrate with you. Advertise any special Mother’s Day events and utilize Facebook to promote and get your congregation involved in spreading the word. Send an e-blast to your contacts who haven’t attended recently and encourage everyone to bring their families. Make sure your team is prepared for an influx of visitors and keep this detail in mind when planning every element of the service. But don’t stop there. Follow up with visiting families so they keep coming back.

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9 Signs Your Church Announcements Need a Makeover

church announcementsEach week, church leaders face pressure from different groups to plug their ministries in the morning announcements. This preamble to the Sunday service has become a source of contention in many churches and led to a time of bombarding people with updates. But your church can make better use of this time if you’re falling into these pitfalls of ineffective announcements:

1. They drag on for 47 minutes (or they feel like it, anyway)

Has anyone ever fallen asleep during the announcements because you covered every possible update in the entire church? Don’t subject people—especially visitors—to an announcement marathon each Sunday morning. You have their attention for five minutes tops, so limit it to a maximum of three items. If they last longer than the sermon, your announcements are probably due for a trim.

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4 Tips to Bring Christmastime Visitors Back to Your Church

Whether they’re Chreasters or families looking for a new place to worship, your church has the rare opportunity to connect with a large number of visitors this Christmas season. Some may be out-of-towners, but most guests attending your holiday services are locals who could potentially become a part of your growing church community. Follow these tips to make sure they come back even after the decorations are put away:

1. Deliver on your promises

When you promoted the Christmas program, did you embellish at all just to get people there? If you advertised an ornate live nativity, but you’ve really got a baby doll and some plastic donkeys, you’re probably misleading visitors.

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7 Ways Your Church Can Reach Chreasters This Holiday Season

Chreasters. Or maybe you prefer CEOs (Christmas and Easter Only). You know—those people who only step foot inside a church two times a year.

They’re looking for a place to go this holiday season. According to Google trends, searches for the word “church” spike at Christmastime, second only to Easter. Are you taking advantage of this season when people who wouldn’t typically join in worship are searching for a church to visit?

1. Get specific

Is your church putting on a Christmas cantata? Are you hosting a candlelight Christmas Eve service? Be specific about the details in your promotion of events. People are more likely to attend a special holiday program than a regular Sunday morning worship service because they have certain expectations this time of year. Childcare and refreshments will also leave people more inclined to be your guests, so tell them ahead of time what you have to offer.

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