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5 Tips and Tools Every Community Pastor Should Know

In a 2015 blog report by Google it was reported that internet searches via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have now surpassed desktop access. This
may seem like a foregone conclusion in today’s culture, but this means everything to those of you attempting to reach your community.

As a community pastor, the majority of your focus lies outside the proverbial four walls and your method of connection means everything. Whether it’s equipping your home group leaders or encouraging your congregants to engage, having the right tools will either make or break your volunteer and constituent experience. Here are 5 ways that you can ensure you’re connected with your people:

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How Guest Giving Tools Can Help Your Church

Guest GivingEven if your church is utilizing technology to provide multiple options for people to give, you could still be missing out if you require everyone to create an account before making any contributions.

Guests and newcomers to your church

Most churches tell visitors not to feel obligated to give—that it’s the responsibility of the members to provide financially for the church. But what about those people that want to show their gratitude for the church’s hospitality or an influential Sunday morning? Maybe they’re simply passing through town or they’re not quite ready to commit to being a part of your church, but they’d like to keep up with their regular giving to a local church.

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Whiteboard: Online Giving—It’s Not Magic!

In this whiteboard session, Rodney explains the behind-the-scenes process of online giving.

Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome to an Elexio Whiteboard. I was watching television the other day, and I saw a magician and he did a magic trick, and what he did was he took a card and he called somebody up out of the audience and he had that person write their signature on the card and then through a series of interactions he did a couple of tricks and somehow the card ended up in the guy’s back pocket. It was amazing. I mean I watched closely; there was no way this guy had any interaction. There was no way he could’ve slipped it in this guy’s back pocket. It was really cool.

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6 Things Your Church Should Do in 2015

As another year winds down, people create lists of New Year’s resolutions that they probably won’t keep. But your church can make a few changes in 2015 that are practical and will leave a lasting impact:

1. Review the systems that you already have in place—like your ChMS. Are you using everything that’s available to you and getting what you pay for? Don’t let valuable tools go to waste!

2. Make sure you’re providing your church community with plenty of giving options. Not everyone carries a checkbook anymore.

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Why You Should Integrate Your Church Database and Website

039If you’re utilizing the right ChMS for your church, you already know what a huge time—and headache—saver you’ve got on your hands. A database that allows you to manage everything from contributions to people to events already cuts your work load in half. But did you know that integrating your church database with your website could save you even more time? And did I mention that it’s simple and will help get your church community involved?

Scratch a few items off your to-do list and let your church community do the following online:

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