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ELEXIO, a premiere provider of church software has options available for your various needs. Many churches are looking for options in church management software (ChMS), church databases, online giving, mobile apps for churches, and children’s check-in options. ELEXIO has powerful solutions for all of these needs, all designed with the goal of helping your church focus on ministry, not management.

Designed for the church that needs everything, ELEXIO Deluxe Suite (formerly ELEXIO Database) is the ideal church management solution for churches that have too many tools to manage, or need the best tools available.

A hosted solution, ELEXIO Deluxe Suite offers every tool that a church needs:

Perfect for the church with specific needs, ELEXIO Essentials is an a la carte church management software package that gives churches the options to get only the components that they need. All of these solutions play well together, sharing data, and even have some redundant features to help bridge the gaps between solutions.

If your church needs:

Created specifically for the needs of churches, ELEXIO Church Accounting Software was designed to manage church accounting simply and powerfully. Fulfilling the needs of your financial committee and providing scalable add-ons to create the financial and accounting software package that works for you is easy with this cloud-based software solution.

If your church needs:

  • Web-based financial software that tracks with General Ledger
  • Payroll Management
  • Advanced accounting needs tailored for a church
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

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