As church management software goes, many packages offer a lot of functionality. Elexio has taken church software to the next level with the Elexio Deluxe Suite by including all of the options that a church may need in one robust, yet easy to use, solution. Hosted by Elexio (with offline functionality included), the Deluxe Suite includes the following incredibly powerful features.


Elexio Deluxe Suite

Database Church Management Software (ChMS)

Completely manage all of your church data, including consolidating giving statements, membership information, and more. Features of the ChMS also include:

  • Detailed, easy-to-use reporting
  • Template bulk-email tools, SMS texting, and social media
  • Integrated check-in tools for children's education and attendance tracking
  • Customizable dashboard for each user
  • Event, class, resource, & small group management tools

Learn more about the Elexio Database ChMS, the core of Elexio Deluxe Suite.

Online & Mobile Giving

Enhance stewardship opportunities through the various available options:

  • Web portal, Text, and Mobile App giving methods
  • Anonymous guest giving
  • Single merchant account for better rates
  • Direct integration with Database for ease of reporting
  • Optional: Giving kiosk hardware available

Learn more about the online giving features available as part of Elexio Deluxe Suite.

Church Check-In Systems

Make your children's education programs more secure, and easily track and report on event attendance with these useful features:

  • Mobile check-in (available in church mobile app)
  • Online or offline access
  • Bar-code, biometric, and keycode access
  • Admin check-in options within the same app for volunteer use
  • Additional hardware options, like kiosks and printers available

Learn more about the check-in features available as part of Elexio Deluxe Suite.

Church Website CMS

Communicate with your church using the incredibly intuitive, Google-friendly Elexio website CMS. This powerful communication tool integrates with the other parts of Elexio Deluxe Suite, making it easy keep church events, media and registrations in sync. Other features include:

  • Rich media library integrated with Youtube & Vimeo
  • Attractive, Customizable, & fully-responsive designs
  • Easy-To-Use content editor
  • Responsive calendar integrated with ELEXIO Database
  • Robust permissions allow for easy delegation of website responsibilities
  • Standard & Premier designs available

Learn more about the Elexio Website CMS, part of Elexio Deluxe Suite.

Church Mobile App

Keep your church connected with the integrated mobile app for churches included with Elexio Deluxe Suite. The app includes:

  • Church directory
  • Mobile giving
  • Event Registration
  • Media library – watch messages and view images
  • Mobile check-in
  • Much more!

Learn more about the integrated mobile app features available as part of Elexio Deluxe Suite.

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