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Christ Community Church is a congregation of 1,500 in Rochester, Minnesota. They needed a system that provided tools to facilitate discipleship and get people involved as well as a fast, secure check-in process.

Christ Community Church selected the ChMS database, check-in, mobile app, and website CMS from Elexio to meet the needs of their staff and the church community.

They now have a fully integrated system that supports their ministry goals. The online portal and mobile app make it easy to keep people aware of ministry opportunities and for the church community to register for events. The intuitive check-in system provides secure access options and makes the process more consistent and easier for families. With all information automatically updating to the church database, the staff’s workload is minimized and people stay connected.

"We took advantage of the opportunity to have someone from Elexio come to our site to train all of our staff at the same time. This dramatically impacted our learning curve and our staff quickly caught the vision for what we can do with a ChMS product designed with discipleship and assimilation in mind. Having an electronic check-in system connected with the database has allowed us to revamp our registration, check-in, and pick-up process to become more efficient and consistent. The process is easy to learn and much quicker than our old paper check-in system, and much more secure. [Elexio’s system] has become the central hub for ministry information at Christ Community Church."

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