Online Giving

Churches struggle with finding new ways to equip people to give their tithes & offerings. Churches that use Elexio have discovered that it's not a lack of desire to give, but rather a lack of communication to the available methods. And, uniquely, Elexio offers these solutions as part of their Database solutions. Help your church not only increase giving by as much as 30%, but also make giving more consistent by using newer technologies to enhance your giving options.

Online Giving Features

Online Giving

Online Giving

Elexio provides easy-to-use tools for your church to enable online giving. Your donors can give to a general fund, or select different funds, you establish, when donating.

  • Web portal
  • Recurring giving
  • Online contribution statements
  • Embedded in your site natively or through a plugin to maintain a consistent user experience
Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving

Using the integrated mobile app, Elexio enables users to give to a general fund, or select from a list of several funds when donating.

  • Native to both iOS and Android
  • Anonymous/guest giving available
  • View personal giving history
Text to Give (Text Giving)

Text to Give (Text Giving)

If your donors don't want to install an app, they can still give using a simple SMS text message from their mobile device. Their first use prompts them to set up their account, which links to their church database account, so all giving can be tracked.

  • Simple setup from any web-enabled phone
  • Anonymous/guest giving is accepted
  • Repeat gifts with preferred payment options automatically recalled
  • Easily recognized giving short-code
  • Create a short-code for different funds
Financial Processing Services

Financial Processing Services

Many churches struggle to maintain multiple accounts during their first foray into online giving. Online giving tools have various rates & fees that can usually be reduced (on average) or eliminated completely by switching to a single tool & merchant provider for all of those giving options.

Because Elexio is it's own merchant provider, they can offer a lower rate across the board for all transactions and limited fees for individual transactions. Basically, your church can keep more of the money that has been donated by using a single source provider like Elexio.

  • Competitive rates when compared to an individual merchant account
  • Eliminated event processing fees (FPS fees only)
  • Makes for easier reconciliation of giving reports
  • Accepts all major credit cards, including AMEX & Discover
Self-Services Giving Kiosks

Self-Service Giving Kiosks

Elexio offers stand-alone giving kiosks for churches that need an "offline" option for giving. Some church attenders may feel uncomfortable using an app or texting their tithes and gifts, so a kiosk that allows the use of credit and debit cards is an ideal solution.

There are several options:

  • Standalone or integrated with Deluxe Suite
  • Integrated with Database contribution reporting (*when purchased with Deluxe)
  • Attractive hardware with placement options
  • Debit-card only options available
Hardware Options

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