Elexio Online Giving Case Studies

Community Fellowship Church is an established church of 600 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They were looking for an easier way for their church community to give when it was convenient for them.

Community Fellowship Church stopped passing around the offering plate each week in favor of integrated online and mobile giving options through Elexio.

They now receive an average of 64% of their giving online, and some weeks it’s as high as 85%. Even during the transition, the church never saw a drop in contributions. While giving typically decreases in the summer for churches, their giving actually increased from the spring—and it continues to grow. The church community has simple, convenient options for making contributions to the church, and the staff has a reduced workload. These tools continue to be successful because church leadership stays up-to-date with the technology and regularly communicates with the church community about these giving options.

"Our giving has continued to grow as the church has, but the online giving has stabilized our week to week giving. We got people on board with these giving options simply by getting the word out and talking about it. We recognized that if we weren’t behind this, then adoption would be lack-luster. As a result, donors have responded and embraced these new tools, giving more consistently and sacrificially."

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