Self-Service Giving Kiosks

Sometimes church members aren’t comfortable with online giving options like apps and texting, so for churches that have less tech-accepting members Elexio offers giving kiosks with credit card readers.

Giving Kiosk Hardware

Elexio self-service giving kiosks are available with all necessary hardware. Banner templates are provided, enabling you to bring awareness to this well-designed kiosk.

Self-Service Kiosk Hardware & Pricing OptionsWe've done our homework, taken your feedback, and put together a best-in-class solution. With every kiosk you get the following:
software with database*
0 one-time setup fee
software w/out database*
200 one-time setup fee

*Software is licensed to an individual kiosk. Multiple kiosks will require the same number of licenses and applicable pricing.

**Hardware must be purchased through Elexio.

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Want a Giving Kiosk for Your Church?

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