4 Thanksgiving Ideas for Your Church

October 16th 2019

Cooler weather means that the holiday season is quickly approaching! As a church, you have a unique opportunity to create a Thanksgiving ministry by hosting events designed to gather people together to celebrate all that the Lord has done. Now is the time to start planning!

Even though it’s a good idea to host Thanksgiving events, actually identifying the events can become tricky. We’ve gathered the most successful church Thanksgiving events so you can get inspired to call the masses together to enjoy a fun-filled Thanksgiving celebration.

Host a Friendsgiving

Cost: $-$$$

Space: Large gathering area

Volunteers: 1-10 

Hosting a Friendsgiving can be a sweet time to gather together to enjoy a meal. It can also deepen relationships and make sure that people without family close have somewhere to go. The cost of a Friendsgiving can vary by how your church decides to set it up. For example, your church can simply provide the main dish and ask others to bring side dishes to cut down on cost. Your church can also provide all the food and simply ask people to come. Whatever your budget, a Friendsgiving is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Pro tip: Use your church management software to send out sign-up sheets and reminders so your church members remember what they signed up to bring.

Wall of Thankfulness

Cost: $

Space: Blank area in your church

Volunteers: 0

Creating a specific space in your church for people to write out what they are thankful for can be a great way to celebrate this season. Whether it’s a large piece of paper in your main foyer or a wall you painted with chalkboard paint, you can encourage people to focus on the positives by writing down at least one thing they are thankful for.

Pro tip: As an overworked church staff member, sometimes smaller things like this fall to the wayside. Be sure to make things like this happen by assigning tasks to specific staff members through your church management software.

Pie Bake-Off

Cost: $

Space: Fellowship Hall

Volunteers: 5-20

A Pie Bake Off is a fun way to not only celebrate fall but discover hidden baking talent in your congregation. Schedule an event for people to bring their best-baked goods and have a team of judges ready to announce the winner. You can also ask your members to bring two pies — one to be judged and one to give away. You can take the uneaten pies to homeless shelters, nursing homes, or another location your church wants to support as a Thanksgiving outreach project.

Pro Tip: Once you decide which organization you want to support, use your church management software to plan the donation pie deliveries. Assign tasks to staff members to contact the organization and then send out a church-wide email inviting people to join you.

Show Your Thankfulness

Cost: $-$$$

Space: None

Volunteers: 10-30

Another great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season is to show your church why you are thankful for them. Similar to small gifts handed on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, finding a small token of gratitude you can hand out to your congregation shows that you value them. Here are some small Thanksgiving gift ideas:

  • Miniature pumpkins
  • Bag of candy corn
  • Pumpkin or Fall scented candles
  • Autumn-themed totes
  • Leaf cut-outs with scripture written on each one

You can always write out a Bible verse and attach it to each small gift you decide to hand out, too.

Pro Tip: Use your church management software to ask for volunteers to hand out these small gifts during your church service. You can also send out reminder emails to those who volunteer so they know where to meet and what they need to do.

Next Steps

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