5 Tips for Giving Tuesday

November 13th 2019

As people around the United States take their stand on which exact day a Christmas tree should be decorated and when fall pumpkins should be thrown out, another celebratory day sneaks its way into the mix: Giving Tuesday. 

Giving Tuesday is strategically placed between Thanksgiving and Christmas because during these seasons people tend to reflect more on all they have been given and are naturally more generous. To encourage people’s generosity, even more, Giving Tuesday was established as a way to unite people and make an impact. This year’s Giving Tuesday is on December 3, 2019.

Why Should Your Church Participate?

Giving Tuesday is a time your church can work to pour into an organization of your choice and support and serve their needs. Scripture tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 to “encourage one another and build each other up.” Giving Tuesday provides a great platform for your church to show compassion and impact your community. 

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What to Support for Giving Tuesday

No matter where you live, there are various groups that need help. From soup kitchens to advocacy groups, there is no wrong answer. Here are a few areas for you to think about in terms of your community. Hopefully, this list will lead you to think about which group needs support and how your church can best serve them:

  • Nonprofits
  • Foundations
  • Local businesses
  • Higher education
  • Schools
  • Community campaigns
  • Global Activist Groups
  • Collaborations
  • Individuals
  • Faith-based organizations

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How to Get Started with a Church Giving Tuesday Campaign

After you’ve chosen the cause you want to support, the next step is to call the team together and start making plans. This doesn’t have to be strenuous. In fact, here are five tips to get you started.

Set a Giving Tuesday Goal

Examine the areas you currently support financially (do this easily with the reporting feature in Elexio). Then, work with your team to develop a realistic goal that you can achieve through Giving Tuesday.

Assign Roles for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Everyone on your team should have a to-do list to accomplish for Giving Tuesday. Utilize group management in your church management software to oversee all the tasks that need to be completed so you can stay on track.

Get Social for Giving Tuesday Marketing

Giving Tuesday isn’t as popular as Thanksgiving or Christmas, so utilizing social media to get the word out will be a great place to start. Map out content for each day leading up to Giving Tuesday to rally your church together for the cause you have chosen. 

If the area you have chosen to support is in need of volunteers for Giving Tuesday, be sure to keep all the forms and event management in one area so it’s easy to grab the links and send out to the masses via social media.

Provide Incentives for Giving Tuesday Donations

People thrive off incentives. Whenever there is a valued prize in the mix, people’s true competitive nature comes out. Offer something, such as a gift card, to five random Giving Tuesday participants. 

Encouraging people to participate in whatever way they can is a great way to increase traffic towards your cause. You can also create teams within your church and challenge them to compete with one another. The winning team can earn bragging rights or win a free meal or gift card.

Keep Giving Tuesday Simple

Remember, the main goal is to encourage people to be generous with what has been given to them. Make giving simple by using church giving software that makes it easy for them to give online and in person. Don’t make your plans too complicated. Choose an organization you want to support, promote it, and make it happen.

Next Steps

To learn more about how to utilize your church management software during Giving Tuesday, check out Elexio. This software is designed with churches and ministries in mind so you can rest assured team of experts has your back. Bonus: We’re offering online giving without a monthly fee right now and have a new Guide to Year-End Giving where you’ll find tips you can start using right away. 

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