5 Ways to Follow Up with Church Visitors

September 25th 2019

There’s no question that church visitor follow-up plans are necessary, but they can also be consuming. If you have experienced follow-up plans that involve a detailed list of things you need to do every 24 hours, then you know how overwhelming following up with new church visitors can be. Our goal is to help you simplify the process and yet still be effective in your follow-up with church visitors.

In our research, we’ve seen which tools churches need to make sure they make an impact on each new visitor who attends their church. Our prayer is that by sharing these tools, your job might become a little easier and intentional so you are engaging visitors with follow-ups that forge strong connections.

1. Use Connect Cards to Follow Up with Church Visitors

One of the easiest ways to connect with church visitors is by placing connect cards on each chair in your worship area. Allowing people to fill out these cards at their leisure can take the stress away from meeting new people and allow them the freedom to choose what information they want to provide.

Here’s a great list of Connect Cards that may inspire you to find one that would work for your church.

2. Use Station Greeters at the Doors to Connect with Church Visitors

We have found that simply placing greeters inside the doors of your church can ease visitor’s anxieties about where to go and what to do. Equip these greeters with maps of your church campus and specific tools to gather information from any visitor who feels comfortable providing it. If there are other useful information tidbits about your church you feel like your greeters should have or know, make sure to equip them with these as well. 

Although most churches have greeters when people walk in, very few have these individuals stationed at the doors as people leave. Be sure to encourage these same greeters to also man the doors as people exit. Encourage them to be intentional with the new visitors they met that morning so that the church visitors know they were seen and valued during their visit to your church. This type of impact can make a huge difference in the life of someone who wants to find a church home.

3. Send Snail Mail to Follow Up with Church Visitors

Snail mail is still a great way to connect with new church visitors who attended your church. However, we caution you. Do not print out hundreds of pre-printed, impersonal documents that lack custom messaging and send them to those who visited your church. Rather, schedule a follow-up meeting every Monday and have your staff write a personal note on each letter or postcard before they’re mailed. Personalizing each document can remind each visitor that your church prioritizes authentic connection.

4. Pick Up the Phone to Follow Up with Church Visitors

Making phone calls is also a great way to connect with new church visitors. Some people simply want a person-to-person interaction, whether it be through a phone call or meeting someone when they visit each week. Making a phone call allows these individuals to know they are valued beyond just simply filling out a connect card. So be brave, pick-up the phone, and show your church visitors just how much it meant to you to have them visit your church by inviting them to an upcoming service or event.

5. Extend Social Media Invitations to Follow Up with Church Visitors

Another great way to connect with those new to your church is to invite them to follow your social media accounts. Whether this is in the form of inviting them directly from your social media account or simply placing your social media account information on the screen every week before your sermon, it is a great way for people to stay in the know about what is going on at your church and how they can get involved. If your social media accounts are lacking in content, we encourage you to take time and consider how you can best serve your community through an online presence. Social media is a great way to maintain regular contact with people throughout the week and not just on Sunday mornings.

Next Steps

Our hope is that these follow-up ideas are less overwhelming than making a detailed list of things to do every single day of the week. We want you to be equipped and feel empowered when it comes to connecting with your church visitors. Utilize your church management software by simply plugging in each follow-up idea as a task for someone to accomplish. Schedule weekly greeters and create reminders for people to call your weekly church visitors. Placing this follow-up strategy in your ChMS will lessen the burden on your follow-up team and ensure those visiting don’t get lost in the sea of people attending your church.

As a bonus, download 8 Ways to Ensure That No One Slips Through the Cracks to perfect your follow-up plan.

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