6 ChMS Features You Should Never Have to Pay Extra For

December 10th 2020

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a little more time on your hands (or maybe 6 extra pairs of hands) to manage your church, Church Management Software takes some of the heavy lifting off your plate. Whether you’re a small church with just a few people on staff or a larger ministry with multiple campuses, having a Church Management Software will almost certainly ease some of the burden of tedious daily operations so that you can focus on what matters most – ministering to your people! Regardless of the size of your church, we surely have a solution for you and while other Church Management softwares charge extra for each little feature – we’re here to tell you that all the best tools are included in your membership for no additional cost. Read on to learn about some of our favorite features that were designed specifically with churches in mind to save you time, energy, and money!

Volunteer Management

With so many little details that go into planning a worship service, you need a tool to keep everything organized, flexible, and at your fingertips. Our cloud-based WorshipPlanning Software solution is the answer, allowing you to manage every element of your service from scheduling staff and volunteers all the way to building your presentations and organizing songs. Enjoy having a visual to work with when structuring your plan? Every detail can be adjusted using easy drag-and-drop fields so you can adapt to changes and share them quickly with your team. Keeping everything in the cloud means less file-sharing, giving you the peace of mind that you have the latest version of a plan and that you can access whatever you need at any time, from anywhere.

Church Mobile App

Everyone is on their phones these days, and your church should be no exception! It’s no secret that having an easily accessible online presence is the best way to keep your community engaged and attract new visitors – and having a dedicated mobile app is even better. But building an app requires time, money, and expertise that many churches cannot afford to invest in. Did you know that the MinistryOne Mobile App is included when you sign up for our online giving solution? This full-featured church app integrates your community like never before, enabling your staff to stay organized and your congregation to stay connected to the church wherever they go. Easily provide all of your sermons and other media in one convenient spot, put event registration in the palm of your church’s hands, and make online giving simple. You’ll be amazed just how much easier the day-to-day operations of your church can be when you activate your FREE mobile church app to start doing the work for you!

Check-In Software

Having a centralized check-in system is not only a huge security benefit for your children’s programs, but can also benefit your church in organizing any type of event. Particularly when managing a lot of volunteers, check-in can be an invaluable tool in keeping track of assignment fulfilments and the potential need for back-ups so you can keep every event running as smoothly as possible and understand where your greatest needs are. And when it comes to children’s safety, there’s no doubt that having an efficient and organized check-in and pick-up process gives parents ease of mind and the confidence that their children are in good hands. Check-in even implements a system of tag codes that heighten child and nursery pick-up security and provide care-givers with vital information allergies, special needs, or other alerts that may be unique to individuals and make it easy to contact parents when necessary. Overall, the flexibility of our Check-In software allows for custom definitions and prerequisites for error-free event management however your church can utilize it best.


Whether they’re for online payments, volunteer signups, event registration, or whatever else you can think of – chances are your church could benefit from the ability to create custom forms. Forms allow you to collect more than just someone’s name and credit card number so that you can keep profiles of your attendees and organize the people in your community with whatever information might be useful to collect. They’re customizable for all sized churches based on your needs and you can easily choose from a template or create one from scratch. And, with the simple code that we provide after you create your form, you can embed it directly on your own church website so your visitors can feel safe and secure. No need to send them to a third-party page they don’t recognize! How easy is that?


When managing your people, it’s important to see the bigger picture on what everybody’s schedules look like. Schedules make it easy for you, your staff, and volunteers to see what their individual schedule looks like, as well as the rest of their team’s. This way, they can keep track of which days and times they’re serving and see a bird’s eye view of their schedule when they need to. Coupled with WorshipPlanning, volunteers and team mates can plan ahead effectively for the coming weeks, while drilling down to the details on their WorshipPlanning profile.


Between resource management, facility management, and volunteer management– there’s a lot to keep track of every day! Keep everything in one place with clear work-flows, automated approval requests, and even real-time notifications of changes to help keep things running smoothly from start to finish, whether it is for an event or just the day-to-day operations of your ministry. You can track room reservations, equipment reservations, food-service, and plenty more. Easily assign rooms and facilities for events at the time when they take place so that there’s no overlapping or crossed-wires. When a resource is booked, it simply becomes unavailable for that time slot, and you can even include special instructions for the room or resource that will be visible at the time the reservation is made. Calendars can be publicly embedded on your church website for events and registration for visitors or kept private for your administration’s eyes only.

Next Steps

These essential tools are vital to your ministry’s strategy as digital online ministry continues to grow as a means to reach and engage people, wherever they are. While some companies charge extra for these features, Elexio includes these at no extra cost with your membership. Your church can try it out for free to see just how easy and comprehensive these solutions are. 

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