A Promise Kept: Looking Back at a Year of Improvements

September 3rd 2020

Around this time last year, we made a commitment to you that we were going to invest additional resources into time and care for your church management software. Despite all the twists and turns that we’ve faced together over that time, our team has been able to deliver amazing new features and improvements every step of the way. 

As we look ahead to the busy holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the most significant improvements and encourage you to explore some of these new features – if you haven’t already. 


New reporting tools and filters have been added over the past year to help you find the information you’re looking for more quickly and effectively. This is seen in helpful updates that allow you to save and share custom reports and the recent introduction of Glance, that gives you a bird’s eye view of individuals and their engagement with your church. The new Timeline view lets you see an individual breakdown on each person’s activity with your church in an easy-to-read format with options to select the information that you want to see.

Volunteer Scheduling and Engagement

Volunteers are essential to your mission, but it can be a struggle to keep track of schedules and responsibilities throughout the week. We introduced a new Schedules component to our software to log your volunteer information, along with keeping track of various events where they’re committed to helping and setting up automated reminders for them.

With the recent inclusion of Worship Planning Deluxe for our church management software users, you now have a fully integrated planning software that cross references your volunteer contact information and gives you a detailed breakdown of where they’re serving, along with valuable worship service planning features like music and lyric database integration and worship team-specific roles that can be assigned. 

Learn more about Volunteer Scheduling and Worship Planning integration.

Workflows and Automation

A big reason our users love their church management software is the versatile and easy workflow system that allows you to assign automated procedures for things like new visitor contacts, contact request follow ups, and more. For example, with the inclusion of Last Activity Date, set up workflows to connect with people who’ve been out of touch with your church for too long and prompt your team to reach out before you lose a connection with someone. (If you’re new to workflows, check-out this helpful step-by-step on automating new visitor follow-up)

MinistryOne: A Better Mobile App for Your Members

MinistryOne, our member-facing mobile app saw a tremendous amount of new features in the last few months. We’ve included Consolidated Giving History, Self Check-In, your Member Directory, and Simple Sign-On. (Your members don’t even need to know their username & password. Just enter their email or phone and we’ll match it to an account and send them a one-time passcode!). And keep your ears to the ground for Groups and Group Finder – coming soon!

Don’t forget that we include MinistryOne at no extra cost as part of Giving software! Learn more and let us help you get a great start in our free weekly Setup & Success Webinar!

Smart Check-In Gets Smarter

Mobile Self check-in (above) allows your app users to check in through MinistryOne so they can skip the line, reducing foot traffic at your entrances and streamline your attendees’ experience. Relationships were also updated to allow for tracking guardians of children in blended families, such as step-parents or other authorized guardians such as grandparents who can drop children off and pick them up. Check-out functionality was also introduced to ensure security and track when child entered and exited your care.  

Improved Forms & Giving Functionality

Updates to our forms have introduced new features, such as digital signatures, quantity and capacity tracking for events, a more streamlined contribution entry experience, the ability to display online and offline giving history on your Giving Page, and partial payment acceptance to allow paid installments for things like events, mission trips, and more. 

We’re Not Done Yet!

While we’re proud of what we’ve added, there’s plenty more coming out in the future months. As churches lean more on digital solutions to bridge the gap between them and their people, you can rest assured that our team is hard at work on continued updates to our church management software so that you don’t have to worry about having your people fall through the cracks.

You can stay informed about upcoming releases through our Release Details Webinars that occur every month.
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