4 Reasons Your Church Needs Check-In For VBS

June 17th 2015

According to a 2013 Barna study, two-thirds of churches in America still host VBS each year—and the percentages are even higher in mid to large-sized churches. With all those kids, parents, and volunteers circulating through your church, your staff needs to be organized and prepared for this summer hubbub. An intuitive check-in system can take some of the stress off your shoulders by providing a few of the most important elements:

1. Safety

With hundreds of kids coming and going each day, a check-in system can ensure safety. Printed nametags that include food allergies and medical information and security receipts for parents will provide a safe environment for your VBS.

2. Peace of mind

Many of the parents who are dropping off their children have never even attended a service at your church. A secure check-in system will instill confidence as they leave their little ones in your hands for several hours.

2. Efficiency

A streamlined check-in process will save your staff and volunteers time so they don’t spend hours manually recording data for hundreds families.

4. Follow-up 

Your VBS isn’t just about providing a week of cookies, games, and Bible stories; it’s about ministering to your local community. You don’t just want the kids to learn and have fun; you want their entire families to come back to your church. When you quickly collect their information at check-in, a team can follow up with these families.

Step up your church’s VBS check-in game with these tips:

  • Utilize mobile check-in so that the parents who already have your church’s app can begin the process before they even unbuckle their rowdy kids from the car. And station volunteers throughout the check-in area so they can quickly check children in from a tablet.
  • Don’t just track attendance for the kiddos. Ask all your volunteers to check in each day and thank them for their service after the event.
  • Customize your check-in kiosks to match your VBS theme.
  • Make sure your check-in kiosks can run offline. Especially if your check-in station is located outside, you could experience connectivity issues.

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