Collaborating With Other Churches Using ChMS

September 2nd 2014

Probably the most common reason pastors and church staff alike leave the ministry is burnout. With overwhelming expectations and responsibilities, life in ministry can be challenging. But every little detail shouldn’t be a source of anxiety for your team—like frustrations with your software. Find the value in collaborating with others using ChMS in their ministries to alleviate some of the stress.

No matter the size, location, or affiliation of your church, others are struggling to implement best practices just like you. Which reports are the most important to run each week? How can I utilize the software to help the assimilation process? What’s the best way to get people to use our mobile app?

These are the kinds of questions that only other people in ministry could understand. So reach out to fellow church staffers and you’ll find a great resource.

Share your daily struggles.

Whether you’re heading up the IT staff and you’ve got extensive technical issues to discuss or you’re pastoring a church of 50 and responsible for the entire database, other people are facing the same challenges.

Learn from others’ experiences and strengths. And provide insight, too!

You may be new to implementing a kid’s check-in system, but the children’s pastor at a neighboring church is an expert—and he’d probably like to hear how you got so many people to sign up to serve in the church. Collaborate with others in ministry to diminish your inexperience or weaknesses in certain areas and help out another church.

Get ideas and innovate.

As you talk with others in ministry, you’ll gleam bits of knowledge and creative ideas that you can adopt at your church. And when you’re all facing the same hurdles, you can work together to find innovative solutions.

Find encouragement.

See how God is working in other ministries. Learn how He’s using people all over the world. You may be frustrated now, but you’ll see that others have already walked that road and can relate.

Remember that you’re not in a business where everyone needs to keep success secrets to themselves. We’re all working toward the same goal of building the Kingdom! When you collaborate with other churches you’re creating relationships, a support system, and friends.

Collaboration Opportunities:

Engage online

It’s easier than ever to connect with people from all over the world through blogs and social media. Check out ministry or church tech blogs. Subscribe and become active in those online communities. Sometimes you’ll learn more in the discussion that happens in the comments than from the post itself and meet some great people. Get started now—we welcome comments and conversation on this blog!

Connect with churches in your area or of similar size or ministry process

Other churches in your region or fellow church planters are probably addressing the same issues right now. Find them online or ask your ChMS provider for nearby references—especially if you’re just getting started with the software.

Attend conferences

Whether it’s conferences like Catalyst or Elexio’s user conference ELEXICON 15 (Educate. Collaborate Innovate.), you can learn from the speakers AND the other attendees!

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