How to Create the Perfect Church Staff Job Description

July 3rd 2019

Whether your church staff is comprised of 50 people or just five, you’ll eventually need church staff job descriptions for everything from the senior pastor to the youth ministry intern. With an ever-changing staff, it’s difficult to be certain your church job descriptions are going to attract your ideal candidates when you post a job opening. What needs to be included and excluded from each church staff job description? Are they even needed?

Because each church is different and each church staff position is different, there is no “one-size-fits-all” job description that you can download and be done with, but there are some key elements that apply to each church staff job description. In this article, we will break down the why behind church job descriptions and look at the essential elements so that you can write the perfect church staff job description.

Why Should You Write Church Staff Job Descriptions?

According to a study in done by the Wall Street Journal, the average jobseeker only spends 49.7 seconds reviewing a job post before deciding the position is not a fit, and 76.7 seconds with a job that appears to match their interests and skills. This means you may only have seconds to attract the right candidate to your job opening.


However, before you can get into the how of writing job descriptions, it’s important to take a little bit of time to look at why church staff job descriptions are so important. It really comes down to three things:


  1. Job descriptions help to set expectations.
  2. A job description can reveal your church’s vision and make sure the candidate aligns with this.
  3. Job descriptions clearly outline responsibilities to help reduce overlap.


Before someone starts their first day on the job, it’s critical that they understand the mission of the church and what is expected of them. A well-written job description will serve this purpose.

What Should You Include on a Church Staff Job Description?

To write the perfect church staff job description, it’s important to refine the content. While the job description should be a thorough and accurate picture of what the job entails, it should also be open enough to attract a good number of candidates. Make sure to include the following key sections in your church job description.

The Logistics

An effective job description should include the logistics applicants will be curious about, including basics such as the job title, department, who the new hire will report to, and required hours. Keep these logistics clear, concise, and prominent on the posting.

A Summary of the Job

Next, you should include a brief summary of the job. This should be a high-level overview that paints a picture of what the day-to-day of this job could and should look like. It’s also a good idea to include how this job aligns with your church’s mission.

Qualifications and Requirements

Include clear descriptions of the qualifications and requirements for the job. This should encompass years of required job experience, education specifications, certifications, language requirements, and even skill sets. Keep in mind that it’s important to differentiate between required skills and desired skills. For example, you may require that an administrative assistant is experienced in Microsoft Excel but note that experience with the Adobe suites is preferred.


Lastly, the perfect church staff job description will contain a list of responsibilities. This list should be thorough, but not so extensive that it drives people away. According to LinkedIn, writing a never-ending list of job responsibilities is one of the most common mistakes to make on a job description. Consider sitting down with a few key staff members to list and refine this position’s responsibilities. That way, the whole staff will know and understand what is expected of that role.

Where Should You List Your Church Staff Job Description?

Once you have created the perfect job description, the next step is to list it in the right places to attract potential candidates. When putting your job description out there, consider these three areas:


  • General Listing Sites – these can be places like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and your local newspaper.
  • Church Specific Areas – Church Staffing and Ministry Jobs are great online sites, or you could list to denominational sites as well. Don’t forget to list it on your own church website too!
  • Job Specific Places – Lastly, list your job description in places that might be unique fits to that job. For example, oftentimes churches will post church communicator job descriptions and listings in a church communications Facebook group.


Remember, you’ve done the hard work of creating the perfect church staff job description, so now you want to get it in as many places as possible to attract the best candidate.

When Should You Update a Church Staff Job Description?

Finally, when writing the perfect church staff job description, remember that just because a job description for that position currently exists, doesn’t mean that it’s still the right description for the job. Job descriptions need to be updated regularly. Ask these questions to determine if a church staff job description needs an update:

  • Has the position changed since the last time the job description was updated?
  • Has the church changed since the job description was written?
  • Was the person who was last in this position actually fulfilling all of the written responsibilities?
  • Are you hoping to take this department in a new direction?
  • What is the purpose of this job? Is that clearly communicated?


Typically, it’s important to revisit job descriptions each time someone leaves a position.


Now that you’re ready to write amazing church staff job descriptions, check out our guide to Help Your Church Staff Overcome the Technology Curve.


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