How to do More with Your Church Software

December 11th 2019

Keeping information up-to-date is easier said than done when it comes to church management. From the various forms people fill out to the different ministries at your church, there is a plethora of information to track. As a church administrator, it’s your job to make sure information is current and easily accessible. One way to make this happen is to use church software integrations. 

Imagine your church management software integrating with your church website and online giving system. How much easier and more efficient would your records be if what’s entered in one area funneled directly into your church management software? Pretty easy, we’d say! Here are a few powerful church software integrations we’ve made with our church management software that can help you stay up-to-date and on track. Bonus: we’ve got 9 Christmas gifts just for you that will help you with these integrations and support the way you serve. 

Church Software Integrations


By integrating your online giving system with your church management software, you can strategically obtain information in a timely manner. Information such as charts and figures that show you the increase or decrease in giving from previous years can help you pull up quick, up-to-date information for anyone who requests to see your financials. You can also manage real-time donations by simply looking at your church management software.

You’ll also be able to set up workflows triggered by transactions, such as sending a series of thank you emails or a hand-written note when a first-time donor gives through your system. You can also add people to a group for text messaging last-minute changes when they register and pay for an upcoming event. 


Your church website may be the most strategic integration you can make when it comes to your church management software. Consider how many forms you ask people to fill out online. What if the information inputted on these forms was integrated on your website and sent directly into your church management software? You could maintain an accurate list of volunteers, remind people of their commitment to serve, and effectively manage groups and events.

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Your financial software is another area that should be integrated with your church management software for the sake of efficiency and accuracy. There’s no need to spend time on double-entry or worry if your ChMS is up-to-date while your church accounting software isn’t. When these two work together, you experience real-time data in both systems.

Background Checks

In a world where safety is at the top of everyone’s list, background checks are now a must-have for all churches, especially when it comes to children’s ministry. However, conducting a background check isn’t a one-time occurrence. It should be a recurring task. Whether it’s every 6 months or every 12 months, background checks should be repeated so that you can make sure you are protecting your ministry. If you read every 6 or 12 months and get overwhelmed with another to-do task, take a deep breath. That’s where our integration comes into play. Set reminders to tell you when someone needs to conduct a background check. 


Maintaining engagement at your church is important. You want people to volunteer, serve, and simply show up at any event or Sunday service. But before people engage, they need to know what there is to engage with. With a church app such as MinistryOne, telling people about the events happening at your church is simple. If you include the integration with your church management system, you can create call-to-actions and reminders for people for whatever you need. You can even set up alerts in your church management software integration to let you know when tasks have been completed. This could be the perfect integration that helps you stay on track for any event.

Next Steps

Integrating your church software together is a huge step in keeping up-to-date records and your church moving forward in the right direction. Don’t let inaccurate information keep your church in the past. Make sure you have what you need when you need it. 

While Elexio is an industry leader for its church management software, we’re part of a larger family of church software brands that integrate to support every area of your ministry.

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