How To Get People To Use Your Church Mobile App

May 12th 2015

Your church just launched—or re-launched—its mobile app, but no one seems to be taking advantage of this new tool. Maybe your church community isn’t quite as tech-savvy as you thought they were. Or maybe you’re just having a difficult time getting everyone on board to actually use it. So how do you make sure your church community utilizes this new technology at their fingertips?

1. Explain why they should use it

Don’t just tell people that they should use your new mobile app. Tell them why they should use it. Let them know that it will make event registration or giving much faster and easier for them—and for the staff and volunteers who manage these processes. Explain that it is uniquely available to them anytime, anywhere. If they’re on vacation a thousand miles away, they can catch up on the sermon they missed through your mobile media center. Tell them that it includes some tools like mobile check-in that are only available through your app. And let them know that it will make staying connected with their church family easier with a mobile church directory.

2. Demonstrate it

Don’t just tell people about your mobile app. Show them how to use it. During the Sunday morning announcements, let your pastor demonstrate the basics and encourage people to install it from their seats. First Church of God in Columbia City, Indiana started off right by dedicating time to show the church community their mobile app. Check out their well-executed demonstration for some ideas.

3. Continually promote it

Don’t just plug your mobile app once. Continue to promote it regularly—especially as you add new elements or gain access to additional features. If you demonstrate the app during announcements, get video of the presentation and place it on your website like First Church of God did or create a simple video that will generate interest. Include all the details about your church mobile app in your monthly newsletter, like how to find it in the App Store or Google Play Store. Insert a slide during the pre-service loop that showcases this new tool. Place a promo in your bulletin or even send a printed piece to your congregation. Post details to social media to increase the buzz around the app. Your mobile app provider should be able to provide some helpful resources to simplify promotion.

A mobile app can be a great tool to keep your church connected, but it won’t create engagement if no one’s using it. Ensure you get the most mileage out of this technology with a strong strategy to get people on board.

What has your church done to successfully launch its mobile app? 

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