How to Use Church Management Software For Church Planting

May 30th 2019

Having the heart and desire to plant a church can be an amazing experience. Sharing God’s love to all you meet. Reaching more people with the truth of the Gospel. Helping the community in dynamic ways. The impact can be huge and how God can use you can be even greater.

But, planting a church can be tricky, and sustaining that church even trickier. Are there ways to make launching your church easier? Are there ways to make it more sustainable? Absolutely. Enter church management systems.

Church management systems can not only alleviate stress for the initial launch team, it can help sustain the church as the Lord continues to grow it too.

Here are the top four ways church planters can utilize church management systems, specifically Elexio’s Church Management Software (ChMS).


1. Workflows

Workflows are key in planting a church. When you sit down with your initial group of people, there will be tasks that stem from your meetings. You will start to plan out what needs to be done and when. Then, there will be tasks that will be dependent on other tasks. How do you manage this? Through something called workflows. Workflows are easy to establish and easy to maintain. Elexio’s Church Management Software (ChMS) provides a platform to easily create workflows so that your entire launch team can be on the same page.


2. Group Management

Once you establish your workflows, you’ll need to find people to tackle tasks like finding a building, raising funds, collecting necessary furniture, starting social media accounts, establishing a website, gathering interest in the community, and many many more tasks that will pop up as you begin (whew..are you feeling tired yet?!). ChMS is a great tool to use because you can keep all tasks in one area and assign them to anyone willing to tackle the task. Plus, you’ll get notifications anytime anyone finishes or adds a new tasks.


3. Management on the Go

If you are just starting to plant a church, you probably don’t have an office building to enter and a desk to house all your information. The right ChMS is an on-the-go tool you can use no matter where you are located. Whether you are at your house, a local coffee shop, or somewhere else getting work done, ChMS can easily be pulled up on your phone so you can accomplish your assigned tasks, input information as you receive it, or even add emails and phone numbers of people you come into contact with throughout your daily routine. You don’t need a hundred post-its floating around in your car with people’s information on it. Simply plug it into your ChMS and you are good to go!


4. Communicate to the Masses

After you have a handle on your initial launch plan to plant your church, the next step is communicating to the masses. This includes gathering all emails and phone numbers and sending out information for your first gathering. ChMS not only makes it easy to house those emails and phone numbers, but also to create content to send to anyone you want. After all, you want people to feel valued and wanted at your church, so why not make sure they get the message that you love them and want them to join your church?


You have enough things to do when you launch a church. Don’t let managing all your tasks overwhelm you. The goal of ChMS is to make your life easier. Not weigh you down. Let’s work together to make your church possible. One step at a time.

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