4 Tips For A Successful Mother’s Day At Your Church

May 5th 2015

Mother’s Day is just around the corner—is your church ready? Beyond the flowers and chocolates and poems and tearjerker videos, you can do plenty to celebrate moms and make the holiday a success.

1. Recognize the outreach opportunity

Behind only Christmas and Easter, Mother’s Day brings the third highest church attendance each year. People who haven’t been to church for a couple months or several years are looking for a place to visit this weekend. Take advantage of this special opportunity and invite your local community to celebrate with you. Advertise any special Mother’s Day events and utilize Facebook to promote and get your congregation involved in spreading the word. Send an e-blast to your contacts who haven’t attended recently and encourage everyone to bring their families. Make sure your team is prepared for an influx of visitors and keep this detail in mind when planning every element of the service. But don’t stop there. Follow up with visiting families so they keep coming back.

2. Make the morning routine simple

Moms don’t take a break even on Mother’s Day, but you can make sure that they aren’t completely burned out by lunchtime. Provide easy-to-use tools like mobile check-in that will help them minimize the chaos and get children where they need to be fast so they can enjoy the service.

3. Put your technology to work

Take advantage of all the communication tools and information in your ChMS database to recognize mothers in an appropriate way. Rather than alienating women without children and making mothers feel uncomfortable by making them stand up during announcements, send an email or printed piece in addition to any other special gifts or events. Many of the mothers in your church will likely be serving in some capacity that day, so this will ensure they aren’t overlooked by your efforts.

4. Make the experience great for kids

Even on a day dedicated to showing appreciation for them, moms are more focused on their children. So make sure that your youth and kids ministries provide an experience that is safe, fun, and focused on age-appropriate discipleship. If you do, families will be more likely to return to your church.

How does your church celebrate mothers each year?

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