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Should Your Church Data Be In The Cloud?

Each day we work with people who serve in a variety of roles at churches throughout the United States and beyond. While some are IT staff or other form of techies, many are not familiar with the lingo you hear when dealing with a software company. So they have plenty of questions about church management technology, including the cloud.

Your Guide To Preparing For Summer At Church

Once the school year is officially over, you can breathe a sigh of relief! You get a summer break from ministries like youth group and kid’s club to rejuvenate and get some rest. But as many activities wind down and people head for vacation, are you prepared for this special time of year? Tie up any of these loose ends so you can get out and enjoy some of that sunshine:

Why You Should Integrate Your Church Database And Website

If you’re utilizing the right ChMS for your church, you already know what a huge time—and headache—saver you’ve got on your hands. A database that allows you to manage everything from contributions to people to events already cuts your work load in half. But did you know that integrating your church database with your website could save you even more time? And did I mention that it’s simple and will help get your church community involved?

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