Useful Easter Planning Tips for Churches

March 24th 2022

As a church leader, you’ve most likely seen the spike in attendance on Easter Sunday. That’s because for the vast majority of churches, Easter is the most attended church service throughout the year. For religious organizations, it is an important time to prepare for the influx of people. It’s unlike any other Sunday, so you and your church staff and volunteers will want to be organized and ready. A complete church management system (ChMS) with integrated worship planning will make all the difference when planning your Easter services.  

Elexio provides a robust, all-in-one church management system that is designed to streamline your church’s administrative tasks. This is especially crucial when it comes to hosting Easter at your church. 

Below you’ll discover how ChMS and WorshipPlanning (which is included with Elexio!) can help with Easter planning, scheduling volunteers, and communicating effectively. 

Organize Your Service 

It’s important to plan the flow of any weekend church service, but it’s especially valuable to have the biggest service of the year organized. With more people attending and usually more elements within the Easter service, you’ll want to make sure everything is in place. The plans for this specific service are vital to you and your team. Utilizing a tool that lets you specify every detail and share that information with the people who need it will make a big difference.  

WorshipPlanning’s easy-to-use worship flow editor makes planning Easter service details a breeze. Upload files and include notes for yourself or your team members. You can start with a blank slate or use a template and just plug in the specifics. Place timeframes for each segment of the service—like the worship set, announcements, message, and closing. You can also create pre- and post-service elements for people to follow before or after the service. Colored dividers help to visually organize your flow too. 

Plan Out Your Worship Set 

You can add your worship setlist directly into your worship flow. That way everybody on the team knows which song indicates the transition into the next service element. Or if you have a special Easter video to play in between songs, it can be indicated within the set.  

When you add a song to the setlist, all the song details come with it, including lyrics, files, and song map. With the song organizer, you can build, search, filter, share, import, export, and report on your songs. And since the plans are centrally stored in the cloud, your team can securely access all they need from anywhere at any time. 

Schedule Volunteers 

Having the right people in place is crucial during Easter. You want to make sure you have an ample number of volunteers to serve during the busiest weekend of the year. Volunteers are the key ingredient to success on Sunday mornings, especially on Easter. Keep everyone on the same page with WorshipPlanning’s advanced scheduling tool. 

Schedule people one at a time or as entire teams with a single drag-and-drop action. Once you’ve sent the request, volunteers will be notified via email, text, or Facebook so they can respond in a timely manner. Since Easter often has special events and more than one service happening, you can also schedule people for multiple services.  

Give some responsibility to your volunteers by allowing them to set their preference regarding their serving schedule, dates, and roles. They can also easily block out dates based on their availability. You’ll be alerted of any scheduling conflicts and avoid double booking people.  

Communicate Effectively  

One way to keep volunteers updated and make them feel valued is to communicate effectively. Share notes and files with the entire team or specific individuals. Send reminders and notifications to team members via text, email, or Facebook. Provide details to the service or worship set that they need to be aware of. You won’t have to leave your team wondering when to show up or what they’re supposed to do.  

Because Elexio is an all-in-one ChMS, you can connect with previous volunteers so that they get involved during your Easter services. Elexio keeps records of your people and then you can target specific groups or the entire congregation with updates and communications. Along with alerting your volunteers, you can use mass communication to help promote your Easter services, too. 

Planning Easter Services Has Never Been Easier 

Make planning and scheduling easy this Easter! Elexio is here to help you stay organized and make a difference. Get the proper volunteers in place and keep them updated with WorshipPlanning. To learn more, contact us at 888-997-9947 ext. 1 or start your free trial today! 

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