Why & How To Increase Church Giving With Text To Give

January 7th 2015

According to Pew Research, 81 percent of American adults use cell phones to send or receive text messages. And it’s not just for chatting with friends. One in ten has already made a charitable contribution via text message. In fact, a recent study found that the majority of people named texting as their preferred method of giving.

Your church can take advantage of the shift toward mobile technology and texting—not just for mass communication, but also to provide another giving option for your church.


Even if your church accepts contributions online, through a mobile app, and on giving kiosks, text to give is a great addition.


1. It’s fast, easy, and convenient

Most people aren’t carrying cash and checks into your church anymore, but they’d never leave the house without their iPhones. And while mobile giving is quick and simple, some people don’t want to install your church’s app just to make a donation. Texting doesn’t require a download or creating an account, making it the best option for first-time givers and guests at your church.

2. It’s safe and secure

With a reliable text giving system, people don’t need to worry that their information might be leaked. And there are no paper checks passing through multiple hands on the way to the bank.


1. It could lead to a giving increase

More options mean more people giving more consistently. Even during the summer lull when a chunk of the congregation is on vacation, your church can maintain regular giving because it’s not limited to Sunday morning. People can shoot a text from the pew or from a beach a thousand miles away.

2. It simplifies reconciliation

If your church uses a text giving service that is completely integrated with your church management software, your staff and volunteers won’t need to reenter data. They’ll save time and won’t worry about human error because the giving information is automatically updated.


It’s easy to get started with a text to give system, but making sure it actually gets used by your church community can be a challenge.

1. Get buy-in from the top down

If your senior pastor demonstrates how easy it is to donate to the church with a simple text message from the pulpit, the church community will be more inclined to use this new method if giving. But if your leadership team isn’t behind the new tool, people will be hesitant to adopt it themselves.

2. Promote

People can’t use text to give if they don’t know it’s an option! Actively promote new giving tools for the first few weeks and provide reminders periodically throughout the year. Throw a slide up on the screen before the service starts. Include instructions in your bulletin. Explain the process on your website.

3. Create separate keywords for multiple funds

You can accept contributions for a variety of ministries in your church, not just the general fund. Simply set up multiple keywords so your church community can support the building fund and missions team, too! These delegated donations will also make reconciliation easier for your staff.

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