Your Guide To Preparing For Summer At Church

June 10th 2014

Once the school year is officially over, you can breathe a sigh of relief! You get a summer break from ministries like youth group and kid’s club to rejuvenate and get some rest. But as many activities wind down and people head for vacation, are you prepared for this special time of year? Tie up any of these loose ends so you can get out and enjoy some of that sunshine:


Most church activities couldn’t even get off the ground if it weren’t for dedicated volunteers who are willing to sacrifice hours each week to guarantee a smooth rollout. From Sunday school teachers to worship leaders, every volunteer will appreciate an end-of-school-year thank you, and the encouragement will make them more likely to serve again. A letter. An email. Something to show their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Not only should you show your appreciation for the volunteers who’ve served this year, you should also—if you haven’t already—communicate your needs for any summer ministries as well as fall programs.

Don’t assume that just because they ran the toddler nursery this year that they’re up for the challenge again next year. And remember all those vacations! Be sure to communicate with your summer volunteers about any weeks they will be unavailable. You might be a little shorthanded on volunteers for the next couple months, so keep that in mind when scheduling.


As people head out on extended tropical vacations and weekend family trips, summers usually lead to sporadic church attendance for a few months. But your church budget isn’t taking any vacations. Have you prepared?

Allowing your people to give online or through a mobile app means that whether they’re in the front row of your church or floating on an innertube in Hawaii, they can still make their regular contributions.

And if they’ve set up recurring giving, they don’t even need to think about it—this week or any other. You don’t want to be seen as focused on money, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing the Biblical concept of giving and asking them to help you be good stewards of the resources God has given the church.


Members of your church community may not be sitting in church every Sunday during the summer, but they can still stay up-to-date on what’s happening while they’re away.

Keep the news and information on your church website current, and be sure to update your social media accounts for the people that missed the weekly announcements. And don’t forget the great tool you have in mass communications—even from a tropical island, most people are checking their email.

Summer Ministries & Fall Programming

Although you may be taking a break from all your regular programs, summer brings a whole list of ministries itself—VBS, camp, mission trips—are you ready? Have you planned for the volunteers, resources, promotion, and follow-up you’ll need for these activities? Take advantage of event management tools in your ChMS to plan for a successful summer.  

One school year just ended jam-packed with activities, but keep in mind the next one is not that far off. Don’t forget to use some of that down time to start brainstorming and laying out plans for the upcoming year. Start the groundwork for your fall programs now, because the summer will fly by!

How are you preparing for summer at your church?  


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