Child Check-In

Easy and safe on-site and mobile check-in for your church

Check-In Kiosks

Make check-in easy and safe

We've included Check-In with Community ChMS to streamline your check-in process seamlessly with your church management.

  • Securely manage check-in/out for children and guardians
  • SMS parents directly from system
  • Print identification and allergy badges
  • Run from multiple stations

Check-In Goes Mobile

ELEXIO's Community ChMS includes a parent facing check-in app where parents can remotely check-in their children as they approach the church building. They simply select the children they want to check-in and their labels are waiting upon arrival. How cool is that?

Check-In Mobile

Want Child Check-In for your church?

Check-In is included with ELEXIO Community ChMS! Join our webinar to see Child Check-In in all it's glory!

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