Elexio Smart Check

In Smart Check-In will help your family’s check-in faster by pre-selecting the best group(s) for each child based on time of day, recent history, and other factors. Parents only need to accept these selections (or change them, if necessary) and they’re done. No more searching long lists of groups week after week.

Check-In Kiosks

Smart Check-In

Your check-in is now so smart it learns patterns and pre-populates each family’s check-in page. They only need to accept the prompts and they’re done.

Status Report Update

From any computer, search for an individual or see just the groups you want to see. And, its faster and easier to locate an individual in case of an emergency and communicate with parents through text messaging

Check-In Mobile
Check-In Kiosks

Mobile App Check-In

Have name badges ready and waiting for members as they check-in on their mobile app. It shortens the lines and is easier for families juggling children.

Barcode Check-In

Check-in becomes as easy as waving a barcode under the scanner. Their profile comes up without typing or hassle. Then just check-in and their done.

Check-In Mobile

Want Child Check-In for your church?

Check-In is included with ELEXIO Community ChMS! Join our webinar to see Child Check-In in all it's glory!

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