4 Ways to Use Church Management Software to Minister

March 18th 2020

Church management software (ChMS) provides many solutions to better minister to others. It creates a way for church staff to use information stored in its database to develop processes and systems to effectively engage with church members (and visitors). Plus, when it’s built with churches in mind, technology tools can equip your ministry teams to connect with members and focus on serving them. 

First, let’s take a look at exactly what church management software is. Next, we will see how you can utilize church management software to achieve your ministry goals.  

What is church management software (ChMS)?

Church management software provides churches with the ability to automate, organize, and streamline day-to-day operations. ChMS also offers resources for churches to better minister to those in their communities, too. Tools included in an effective church management software consist of the following:

  • Member Management
  • Communication Tools
  • Automated Workflows
  • Task Assignment
  • Volunteer Management
  • Financial Management
  • Event and Scheduling Tools
  • Attendance Management
  • Information Databases
  • Customized Reporting
  • And more!

Let’s dive in and explore four ways the features in your church management software can be used to minister.

1. Use church management software to engage your community 

Church management software offers many different methods for communicating with your members. This helps build a more solid community and ensures members aren’t falling through the cracks. It allows you to track attendance, prayer needs, and information requests, and then readily respond in an efficient and timely manner. Church management systems offer a streamlined method for communicating with congregants based on their communication needs and preferences, too. 

Use your software to keep up with attendance and authentically reach out to members whose attendance may be faltering. When you use software to track behaviors, it will ensure you connect with members at the right time and in the way you prefer. If you have a church communicator who is feeling overwhelmed at the vastness of the role, church management software can be a game-changer. Track important information about members and their families with your software, and then strategize communication efforts to address needs. In turn, you can deepen relationships and build a stronger church community.  

2. Use church management software to organize ministry events

Events are a great way for churches to grow their membership by ministering to those in the community. Additionally, you’ll strengthen the community within the already established congregation. Setting up the church management software to handle the administrative side of event planning allows you to dedicate more resources to the event discipleship and ministry. Organized activities and events serve as a way to unite and grow your church. 

3. Use church management software to grow your volunteer ministry

Church management software equips your volunteers with the tools they need to effectively lead and serve within their respective ministry roles. You can use this software to track staffing needs, scheduling, and provide details on volunteer duties. Volunteering within the various ministries in church is a ministry in itself. By having an efficient and effective volunteer process in place, you are empowering your volunteers in their ministry. Maintaining an organized volunteer ministry with adequate resources will help volunteers will feel supported and valued in their roles. Check out this article on the importance of pairing volunteers with fulfilling opportunities. 

4. Automate workflows in your church management software that prompt engagement

Another important element of church management software is the ability to create automated workflows based on certain actions. For instance, if someone attends a particular event, you could set up a workflow to send a follow up email. If someone visits for the first time and submits their information on a contact card, you could automate a workflow to have a staff member send a handwritten welcome note. Or, if someone gives to a new fund for the first time, you could add them to a list of people to receive updates on the project that fund supports. Check out these 5 Powerful Giving Workflows to Thank and Engage Givers

Next Steps

Is your church management software supporting the ministry work you want to do in the ways provided above? If not, the pros at Elexio may be able to help. Our team is made up of software builders and church success coaches who have served the church in a variety of roles. We understand what it’s like to need a software that is reliable, intuitive, and actually supports ministry work. Check out our free ebook 8 Ways to Ensure No One Falls through the Cracks at Your Church. It includes free member and visitor email templates!

When you’re ready, we encourage you to start a free trial to discover how Elexio can help streamline ministry management. 

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