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8 Tips To Improve Church Communications

How do you communicate with your church members, visitors, and community?  How do you make sure your message connects with your audience AND creates engagement across multiple groups?

We are bombarded by information.  Providing useful information that stands out from all the noise is the real challenge.  Does your church have an effective communication strategy or are you simply operating on auto pilot week after week?  In order for your church communications to be effective, you must:

Free Christmas Graphics And 8 Ways To Use Them

Advent is one of those special times in the year when we get to stop and appreciate a unique kind of beauty and hopefulness around us. The leaves have changed colors, the sun rises earlier, and Thanksgiving and Christmas services bring out the best in all of us. We get to decorate, celebrate, and generally rejoice in this good news that cannot be contained. It’s a time of year when we welcome many new visitors to the church––and we want the beauty of our services to shine.

That’s why we created these free Christmas graphics to help you incorporate excellent artwork in all that you do this season. Our three sets of Christmas graphics will help you choose the design that best reflects your church and your members.

The gifts don't stop there! Along with these graphics, you will receive a free Advent devotional. Download or print this devotional to share with your members. The design of the devotional will match the design you choose for your Christmas graphics.

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