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Three Problems with Anonymous Feedback

Years ago, I heard someone say, “Any anonymous notes or feedback should be thrown away and not even considered. If someone doesn’t have the guts to put their name on it, disregard it.” Frankly, I was uncomfortable with that, and I still am. Sometimes people fear they’ll be rejected because of their feedback, and so won’t put their name on it. Does that mean their feedback doesn’t matter? I don’t think so.

Church Growth Strategy: Think Small

It’s easy to get focused on the numbers. It’s our natural tendency to equate bigger and better. Yet we all know that numerical growth really isn’t what the church is all about. It’s about growing spiritually. Yet even a big church can create a personal, intimate environment that fosters deeper relationships with one another and with Christ. How? By thinking small. Churches tend to focus on their large Sunday morning gatherings, but the seeds of church growth are often nurtured in smaller groups that help relationships go deep.

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