Essentials Package

Elexio Essentials Package Training

Ready to run your church more successfully than ever before?

Our database software is designed to support your ministry’s administration, so that the real people all those numbers represent are engaged. It can help you set and exceed ministry goals, but of your staff and volunteers will need training to take full advantage of this powerful technology. That’s where Elexio Success Training comes in. Accelerate adoptions and create church data masters with our Success Plans.

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Essentials Package

Book personal training sessions with our experts, who will use video conferencing technology to train you and your team to become Elexio data masters. Our goal as your ministry partner is to help ensure your team is fully confident with your system and understands how to use it for real ministry success. A smooth data transition and foundational training will fast track your team’s software confidence.

Access our pool of trainers and resources to migrate your database and jumpstart your software success.

Personal Training Hours

Our success trainers are available to help you get the most out of your software. Your one-on-one sessions will help you master your database. Your success trainers won’t just train you, they will help you strategically use your technology to achieve your specific ministry goals.

Data Migration

As part of your Success Plan, we’ll move you in. This streamlines the transition process and helps you focus on learning your new system faster. Our experts do this all the time and will make it easy and painless.

Q & A Sessions (2x week)

Get answers to your how-to questions. We offer online group sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 p.m. EST. Our software experts will show you on-screen. We cover ChMS and Giving. Think of it as “small group time with a software guru.”

Educational Webinars

In addition to your personal trainer and unlimited training access, you will have access to a library of education webinars—over 10 hours of online training on “how-to” and best practices.

Online Giving Engagement Session

Our giving integration is extra powerful and we’re ready to help you learn the basics then take things to the next level. A one-on-one session with a giving success trainer will help you learn how to increase online giving, lower costs, and employ success strategies. Plus, you can grab some amazing resources.

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