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7 Ways to Motivate Church Staff

Looking for ways to keep your church staff inspired and eager to do Kingdom work? Recognizing individual value is a great place to start, but truly motivating a group of church employees and volunteers can be more involved than anniversary dinners and thank you notes.

Preparing Your Church for the Back to School Season

Believe it or not, the end of summer is quickly approaching. You are likely gearing up for families to return from vacations and prepping for the changes that back to school time brings to your congregation. This season brings an increase in attendance and excitement as families settle back into routines and norms.

Matching Church Volunteers with Unique Opportunities

When it comes to church volunteers, many churches will shout open opportunities from the rooftops in hopes their pleas will land on a few willing ears. Some churches even beg in desperation. These actions beg the question, is there an easier way to get church members to volunteer? Praise be, yes! Lucky for us, scripture gives us a hint to get us started in the right direction.

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