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5 Tips for Giving Tuesday

As people around the United States take their stand on which exact day a Christmas tree should be decorated and when fall pumpkins should be thrown out, another celebratory day sneaks its way into the mix: Giving Tuesday.

Interview Questions to Identify Potential Predators

When parents drop off their children at a church’s children’s ministry, they are trusting that the church has done due diligence to provide a safe and protective environment. One specific area parents trust that churches focus on is eliminating the threat of potential predators working or surrounding the children’s ministry.

7 Important Year-End Church Metrics

Numbers matter. No, they aren’t the only measure of success at your church, but they are a great way to gauge the direction that your church is moving. As the end of the year nears, now is the time to figure out what year-end church metrics are important to you. Knowing this now will help you put together an annual report that is full of valuable information that can help direct your next steps as a church.
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